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Let's Go Brandon

Viral “Let’s Go Brandon” Flag Meme Listed as NFT for $1.7M USD (420.69ETH)

With “Let’s Go Brandon” chants sweeping the USA and around the world faster than you can say Make America Great Again, it is no surprise to see the crypto world jumping in with both feet. The meme has now been turned into an NFT on OpenSea selling for 420.69 ETH or roughly $1.7M in USD. Viral “Let’s Go Brandon” Flag Meme Listed as NFT for $1.7M USD (420.69ETH)

Remote Teams

How to Manage a Remote Team

Far too many people have created jobs for themselves during this pandemic vs prioritizing working on their businesses, and on themselves. Many people have just assumed that working from home is the same as working in an office, but it is not. The reality is working remotely is working in isolation, and you will drive How to Manage a Remote Team


Wake Up

You’ve been manipulated. It is time to wake up from the false reality and false economy we’ve all been living in. Beats by Jokreg

D Wave Feature

D-Wave Launches Leap 2 Quantum Computing Cloud Service

In this episode Trent Lapinski interviews Murray Thom, VP of Software and Cloud Services at D-Wave Systems, to talk about quantum computing, and their new quantum computing cloud solutions. Learn more about Leap 2 from D-Wave. Beats by Jokreg


Surviving Toxic Mold

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIVqgeHJnCs In the past few years, I’ve had a crash course on how powerful fungus is. Often when people are sick, we think of bacteria and viruses as the cause. Rarely do we look to fungus, when we should. Fungus is smart, invasive, and capable of both offense and defense. It is a living organism Surviving Toxic Mold


WTF is the Coronavirus?

Is the Coronavirus a biological weapon? Listen to the whole episode for tips on how to combat viral infections. Truth bombs. Beats by Jokreg


Toxicity – Trent’s Back

Trent’s back, and explains why he hasn’t been podcasting. This is a long episode that gets pretty personal so strap in. We go into some crazy topics like toxic mold, and the destruction of society in America due to tech and social media. Beats by Jokreg. Episode named after System of a Down’s “Toxicity.”


The Coldest Crypto Wallet with Ruben Merre (CEO of Ngrave)

Trent Lapinski interviews Ruben Merre, CEO of Ngrave.io. In this episode Trent and Ruben discuss blockchain security and their new crypto hardware wallet the Ngrave Zero. Host: Trent Lapinski Guest: Ruben Merre Music: kaffekrus Automated Transcript (may contain errors): Ruben Merre: 00:05 what we focus on is security so that people can invest in it The Coldest Crypto Wallet with Ruben Merre (CEO of Ngrave)