We respect your privacy.

Although, that’s what everyone says, right? That’s sort of become the default for every privacy policy, whether they really mean it or not, because it makes people feel warm and fuzzy.

And even though we really mean it and have only good intentions, as well as many others who copy and paste the cliché “We respect your privacy.” mantra, it’s much more complicated than that, isn’t it?

Privacy is not something that’s granted automatically, it’s a pursuit, and requires your active participation.

Beyond the bare minimum data collection and cookies required if you’d like to use our site, like your IP address or email address for example, for the purpose of managing spam, allowing you to create an account, set site preferences, or for us to monitor how much traffic we’re receiving each month, we don’t really care who you are or what you do, especially in your other internet activities.

However, while we don’t personally have any nefarious desire to collect your data, find out where you shop, and sell that data, that can’t necessarily be said for many of the third-party services we use now or will use in the future to serve ads for example, especially concerning companies like Google or Facebook, whose entire business premise is built around collecting as much data about you as possible, tracking you from website to website, and using and selling that information in any creative way they can think of.

We highly recommend adjusting your browser settings and using privacy add-ons to block such tracking as much as possible.

At the very least, we recommend installing: