The Pros and Cons of Golf


Yeah, the title of this post seems kind of vague, doesn’t it? I’ll just be honest, hardcore golfers will probably get nothing out of this post. This article is more geared toward people who are debating whether or not they want to pick up the game of golf as a new hobby. Finding new hobbies is always fun and is something that really all of us should be doing.

As for me, I’ve been golfing since I was a tyke. While I’m not a scratch golfer, I like getting out whenever I can and would consider myself to be a good golfer. So, I fully understand both sides of the coin when it comes to the game. I won’t sugarcoat it, the game of golf has its ups and downs, and it’s something that I deal with every single time I go out. But I’ve developed a deep admiration for the sport and maybe you could too. First, though, check out what I feel are the best pros and the worst cons.

Pro: Nature and Beauty

Even the people who end up hating golf, they typically still enjoy the sights and sounds. More specifically, they enjoy the sights as most golf courses offer wonderful scenery. Sure, the more money you pay, the nicer the course and layout will be, but most still offer diverse surroundings. On a sunny, 75-degree day, when you’re standing on the top of the tee box looking down at the fairway, few things are better.

Con: It Can Get Expensive

Now, this depends on how often you golf and the green fees that you’re willing to pay. You can play cheaper courses (and most of them will keep up on their greens) or you can pay top-dollar for some of the best. Most people, including me, will just opt for the more affordable courses. As that’s typically all I golf, I can say with a clear conscience that most keep their courses well-maintained even at cheaper rates. However, regardless, if you wind up golfing quite a bit, you’ll begin to realize how expensive it can get.

Pro: The Skill Involved

Make no bones about it, there is no such thing as beginner’s luck in golf. Yes, luck can come into play from time to time, but there’s too much skill involved for luck to play a huge role. This makes the game a real challenge to attempt to master (which is pretty much impossible). There’s also going to be so much to improve on that it becomes even more satisfying to get better at it.

Con: It’s a Frustrating Game

Let’s be honest, the real reason why some people hate golf is due to how hard it can be to get down. As with other activities, it’s not something that you’re going to figure out and become good at in a matter of days. It’s not easy, especially when you’re just getting started. You have to get over the beginning hurdles of learning how to strike the ball and then you can start having some fun with it.

All I have to say is give the game of golf a shot. It’s been a love of mine for many years now and it could end up being that for you too. I evened out the pros and cons, but I could’ve gone on and on with more positives. Give it a chance and who knows what could happen.

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