It’s Official: The Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase Events Are Awful

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Oh, Nintendo, you are having a rough year, aren’t you? Alright, look, I understand that everyone in the world has been impacted by the current events in one way or another. Nintendo has certainly not been immune to the negative impact that COVID-19 has had on the globe. However, the world of video games is still moving forward, but Nintendo is so badly lagging behind.

This is clearly evident, at least to me, with their last two Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase events. On a side note, if they’re truly going to continue these ridiculous presentations, can they at least change the name? Get rid of “Direct Mini” and just simply call them Nintendo Partner Showcases.

I digress, but did you guys see the latest Partner Showcase that Nintendo just showed off? Yes, it was only the second broadcast and it’s true that they could improve down the road. However, with what we’ve seen in the first two, pretty much nobody will be looking forward to any more of them.

Showing Off Highly Niche Games

I will be the first to tell anyone that I’m not highly knowledgeable about too many video game franchises. I also don’t play a wide variety of genres. In other words, I do have a limited video game collection and am limited in what I’m appealed to. Still, with normal Nintendo Directs, there always seems to be a little bit for everyone.

With what we’ve seen in the Partner Showcases, though, only certain demographics will enjoy the content. Now, if you happen to be somebody who has actually gotten a lot out of these presentations, that’s great. Yet, it doesn’t change the fact that a majority of fans are craving and starving for first-party blockbuster titles.

What we see in these events is just kind of silly, mobile-type games. Again, not trying to offend anyone, but the majority of the games that are discussed are eShop exclusives that do nothing more than kill time.

We Still Don’t Know the Holiday Lineup

This leads to a larger complaint, what on earth is Nintendo doing for the holiday season? Are they honestly just going to release Pikmin 3 Deluxe and call it good? Sure, Switch’s are still selling like mad, but for those of us who’ve already owned one for years, there’s really nothing new to be excited about.

Considering ports and remasters are just getting out of flipping hand for the Switch, it would be nice to see some original, big-time games for the holiday season. Nintendo is running out of time to get everyone prepared and excited for what they will deliver in the coming months, though.

There Are More to Come

Do you want to know what the bad news is? It doesn’t seem that Nintendo is going to be done with these Partner Showcase events. You know, it wouldn’t be so bad if they would last a little longer and maybe show off some of their different IPs. As is, however, I will not be looking forward to another Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase. Gosh, that tagline is too obnoxiously long.