Why I Strongly Dislike Being on My Smartphone

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Just because they’re taking over the world, it doesn’t mean that everyone has to love them. Look, I’m not about to go on a tangent of why smartphones are toxic or anything like that. Yet, I can say without a moment’s hesitation that I prefer to be using my smartphone as little as possible.

Perhaps I’m alone with this feeling as more and more people migrate to their cellphones. They certainly have their usefulness and real-world value. However, I’m also not one of those millennials that need to be glued to their smartphone screen for hours on end. Not only do I not need to, but I deliberately choose not to.

Alright, so what’s my beef with smartphones, then? Clearly, I have negative feelings toward them. Well, let me mildly entertain you for just a few minutes as I explain why I don’t like being on my smartphone.

The Interface

The word “strongly” doesn’t do this next statement justice. I strongly prefer the interface of a computer screen over a smartphone. Getting past the sheer size difference, it’s also a matter of interaction. I’m an old-school personality and like typing with a physical keyboard and moving a cursor with a physical mouse.

With smartphones, it’s all centered upon a touchscreen interface. Sure, this style of navigation is probably more convenient, but, for me, it can also be more infuriating. Additionally, I absolutely despise using touchscreen keypads when having a conversation with someone. Just give me a dang keyboard as I can’t tell you how many times I have almost broken my phone because of it.

It Can Be Overwhelming

How about this? Do you ever get overwhelmed when you’re on your smartphone? Some people are geared to always be communicating with friends, family, co-workers, etc. I can only speak for myself, but I get overwhelmed really quickly.

Whether via email notifications, new texts, or news stories, sometimes it’s nice to escape from all of it. When I’m relaxing or getting my “me” time in, I always leave my phone out of reach and mute the sucker. I don’t even want to hear it go off once. I’ll leave my ringtone on, though, as physical calls are a different story.

Because Everyone Else Does

Next time you’re in a waiting room of any kind, count the people that are staring at their smartphones. Heck, even in a restaurant, glance at the people who are on them. It’s quite a startling revelation. The bottom line, pretty much everyone these days is on their phones in some capacity.

And, I’ve always considered myself somewhat of an outsider. I prefer to do things differently than most of society. I feel like this mindset has subconsciously made me dislike smartphones. Whether this is fair or foul, it’s the truth.

Hey, this is just the way that I feel. Again, I appreciate the value that owning a smartphone brings. However, when it comes down to it, I like it when it rests on my countertop not being looked at.

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I am a lover of all things technology but also somewhat resent the fact that it literally dominates the globe. From day one, I have also been an avid Nintendo enthusiast and will always sing the praises of Jumpman (Mario).

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