Super Mario Maker 2 Still Needs More Content

Super Mario Maker 2

It is hard to believe how much time has already passed since Super Mario Maker 2 was released in North America. Since the day it was playable to the world, it has provided countless hours of enjoyment, creative thinking, and happiness. And, while personally, it is already one of my favorite Mario games of all-time, I can’t help but feel that it still could benefit from more content.

Perhaps I am just a spoiled runt whose appetite can’t be satisfied or perhaps I see the unlimited potential that this game possesses. No doubt, there are already several resources that you can utilize to create some breathtaking level designs. However, if you go back and play the original 2D classics, you will notice how little Super Mario Maker 2 has in comparison.

I understand that Nintendo is not going to give players access to every single resource available in the original games but they could still provide more. They did release a free update that added some course parts, a new mode, and Link as a power-up not too long ago so that was nice.

Yet, again, the potential of this game is limitless and I would love some of the following additions in the game in the near future.

More Course Themes and Aesthetic Options

Part of what makes Mario levels so charming is the wide variety of course themes and aesthetics they possess. Currently, there is an ideal amount of course themes to choose from (10 in total) but a few more could be added. A dedicated fortress theme would be amazing as well as more dynamic underwater aesthetics.

Speaking of aesthetics, it sure would be neat to have the ability to alter them. A full-fledged color wheel may be too ridiculous, but a choice between different background shades could work. This would allow the stages to feel a bit more personalized and would allow them to stand out a bit more.

More Enemies

Good golly, Miss Molly this is a huge one. It would be virtually impossible to include every single enemy from the old days and, currently, there are some solid enemies to choose from (Boo, Dry Bones, Lava Bubble, etc). The update I alluded to earlier also added Spike and Pokey which was a nice surprise.

However, truthfully, Nintendo could literally add two-to-three wheels of just enemies alone. From Ball ‘N’ Chains to Bowser Statues to Chargin’ Chucks, the list is almost endless. Talk about making levels more unique; this would provide that ability in spades.

More Course Parts

It is quite incredible what players can create with the course parts that can currently be accessed in the game. Speaking for myself, many different ideas have sparked in my mind when creating levels. After a while, however, it gets tiresome to utilize the same parts over and over again.

Adding a wheel or two of just course parts would certainly be ideal and could enhance the dynamic nature of the level designs. Nintendo could even conceive brand-new ideas or they could simply dip into their rich library of 2D Mario titles (which I would be perfectly fine with).

A World Map Creator

Yes, I am reaching here, but who in their right mind would not want the addition of a world map creator? As much as I adore Super Mario Maker 2, I still wish I could create actual worlds for gamers to dive into. On the flip side, I would love to play other gamers’ unique worlds.

This would allow level creators to tell a better story and to implement a difficulty curve. Maybe Nintendo is concerned this would be too much or maybe it is too grand of a task for them. Or, perhaps the thought has never crossed their minds.

In any event, it is something I desperately want. The map creator itself does not even need to be as complex as the levels themselves. Creating different paths with multiple exits, having access to the original game’s maps, and being able to choose a few themes would be good enough for me.

I know I am asking a lot and even if Nintendo never releases another content update again (which would be a little shocking), I will go to my grave playing Super Mario Maker 2. But, man, think about what the game could be?