Scott Bakula Cameo on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Scott Bakula Cameo It's Always Sunny

The season 12 premiere of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, unsurprisingly, was hilarious and well-conceived as usual. However, one unexpected and delightful surprise for Quantum Leap fans like myself, was the awesome Scott Bakula cameo!

In this episode, the gang find themselves transported into the bodies of black people, with the natural expectation of TV tropes being that they’ll learn some lessons along the way about “Walking a mile in someone else’s shoes.” Of course, in Sunny fashion, they turn the trope on its head and continue to fumble through just as racist as ever.

As the gang sings their way through the plot line trying to figure out the “rules,” they stumble upon a janitor played by Scott Bakula, playing a faux version of himself. The gang riffs on him a bit about him trying to steal their “leap” and Scott riffs on himself a bit about missing the “glory days” of 1989, being that he’s now presumably “washed up.”

Of course, the opposite is true, as Bakula continues to be a leading man in television even today. While I loved Bakula in Lord of Illusions and would have very much liked to have seen him in more movies, his television career is quite an achievement, which offer his fans plenty of years of entertainment to enjoy his work.

“Oh boy!”