Nintendo Did It; Super Mario Maker — New Update

Mario Maker 2 Update

Just when you think that you have figured Nintendo out, they throw a curveball. One of the reasons why I love (and sometimes hate) Nintendo is the way they do business. They have been relatively quiet for the year 2020, but then they shadow drop an update for Super Mario Maker 2.

It is also a free update, which is much appreciated when you consider the way modern gaming functions. It just recently launched and it added a feature that I never thought I would see. That’s right boys and girls; Nintendo finally added a world maker and its freaking awesome.

The World Map Creator

Nintendo could have simply added the ability to string levels together into worlds. It would have been incredibly dull, but it would have been something. Instead, they decided to release a full-fledged map creator. There are custom themes (with music from the original games which made me lose my mind), aesthetic options, bonus stages, and more.

Plus, you can create a “game” with up to eight worlds and 40 courses. Talk about mind-blowing; this is something that we fans have been asking for since the first game came out.

But Wait… There’s More

Honestly, Nintendo could have simply stopped there but they upped the ante. In addition to the world map creator, they also released some brand-new items and course parts. Let’s talk about some of the ones that stand out the most.

Ever since the first game, gamers have clamored for a Super Mario Bros. 2 level style. Sure, it’s a controversial game, but it’s still a classic. Plus, Nintendo left a game slot open in the “extra game styles” section of Super Mario Maker 2. But, alas, they didn’t add this game style with the newest update. However, they kind of did.

Specific for the Super Mario Bros. game style, players can now use the mushroom from the classic second game to transform Mario. In this state, he can pick up enemies from underneath and throw them around. Additionally, the original soundtrack from the second game plays (which is an amazing touch). They also added the cursed key.


Nintendo also went ahead and added some exclusive power-ups. Though they could have added more from Super Mario Bros. 3, it’s awesome to finally see the Frog Suit in action. Also, they added the Super Acorn and an upgraded Power Balloon.

Oh yeah; the original Koopalings were also all added for each game style (except Super Mario 3D World). With very few boss options before this, this is a solid addition.

There’s a Kicker

Plenty more was added that I have not discussed, but those were some of my favorite additions. Yet, there is something Nintendo said at the beginning of their video that has us all scratching our heads. They noted how this was the last major update coming out for the game. Wait, the game has only been out for less than a year? How can they already be dropping support for the game?

The keyword here is “major,” as minor updates may still be planned. This is the type of game that could be supported for years, so I don’t understand why they wouldn’t release any more major updates. It would be sad to see, but if this was truly the last “big” update for the game, Nintendo sure did go out with a bang! Thanks, Nintendo!