My Personal “Best Of” Wrestling Awards

Shawn Michaels

Yeah, I know, I really couldn’t think of a better title. Basically, here’s the deal, I want to waste some of your time and list off some wrestling awards. This is how the entire thing is going to be structured. I’m going to list off a bunch of different categories, and I’m going to select who I believe is the greatest wrestler of those different categories. Make sense?

As it goes on, you should be able to understand what’s happening. And, for the record, all wrestling promotions are fair game here from modern companies (like WWE) to past companies (like WCW). I hope you’re as excited as I am to get this show on the road. So, let’s do it.

Best In-Ring Technician: Chris Benoit

As a wrestling fan, I love watching technical masterpieces. No one, and I mean no one, was better at that than Chris Benoit. Yes, I know his life didn’t end very well (to say the least), but his work in the wrestling world should always be praised. I’ll also give an honorable mention to all these different categories, and that would be Bret Hart here.

Best Highflyer: Rey Mysterio

Okay, this is going to be the easiest award on here. Rey Mysterio is far and away the greatest highflyer in the history of wrestling. On top of pioneering the art of highflying, he’s been able to adapt his move set for years and years. The fact that he’s still in the business and looking as sharp as ever, honestly, is just amazing. As for an honorable mention, I’ll go with AJ Styles.

Best Talker: Ric Flair

I’m going to break this section up into two separate categories. For simply talking purposes, nobody was quite like Ric Flair. His ability to create heat simply by talking was unparalleled, to be completely honest. Just go watch one of his vintage NWA promos and you’ll begin to understand. The honorable mention, this time, goes to The Rock. He was pretty good on the stick too.

Best Promos: Mick Foley

This is the 2nd part of the aforementioned two categories. Even though Flair was the best talker of all-time, Mick Foley was the best when it came to cutting promos. Yes, for the record, there’s a difference. Part of the reason why Foley was so amazing at it was his devotion to three separate characters (though he seldom used Dude Love). I’m going to go old-school with my honorable mention and give it to the great Roddy Piper.

Best Character: Undertaker

As if anyone else was really going to win this award. Now, certainly, there have been some great characters over the years, but to give this award to anyone else besides The Undertaker would be a disgrace. For 30 years, he adapted his character when he had to and somehow managed to stay fresh the entire time. That’s not easy to do. As for the runner-up, I have to go with Sting.

Most “Over”: Stone Cold Steve Austin

This one’s a little different, and it’s basically to recognize the superstar who was the most popular (or “over” as they say in the wrestling business). In terms of popularity, you could really either go with Stone Cold or Hulk Hogan. I’m taking Austin over Hogan just slightly, though it’s very, very close. It’s just that Austin was the most popular during the most popular era in wrestling history.

Best All-Around Wrestler: Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero could simply do it all. Whether it came to getting technical or flying all over the ring, there was pretty much nothing Eddie couldn’t do. Not to mention his natural charisma and his innate ability to get the crowd either behind him or totally against him. In terms of an overall package, it’s tough to get better than Eddie. Period. Shawn Michaels gets the honorable mention and that leads to this…

Best Wrestler of All-Time: Shawn Michaels

There are so many wrestlers that you could say are the greatest ever. When it comes down to it, though, many agree that Shawn Michaels is the GOAT. What more can you say about the Heart Break Kid? Charisma, check. In-ring greatness, check. Longevity, check. Admiration from his fans and peers, check. There will never be another one like him, you can rest your bottom-dollar on that. Also, for the record, I have Undertaker getting the honorable mention here.

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