Dogecoin Pup

The Emergence of Meme Coins and What it Means for the Cryptocurrency Market

The early 2021 Dogecoin hype by top social media influencers and billionaire Elon Musk increased the knowledge of investors’ (half-way) about meme coins, its beginning, and how it affects the cryptocurrency market. Investors, a lot of them, see the green side of meme coins, but do not know the other side of meme coins and


The Coldest Crypto Wallet with Ruben Merre (CEO of Ngrave)

Trent Lapinski interviews Ruben Merre, CEO of In this episode Trent and Ruben discuss blockchain security and their new crypto hardware wallet the Ngrave Zero. Host: Trent LapinskiGuest: Ruben MerreMusic: kaffekrus Automated Transcript (may contain errors): Ruben Merre: 00:05 what we focus on is security so that people can invest in it and don’t

Greg Osuri

Overcoming the Challenges of Distributed Networks with Greg Osuri CEO of Overclock Labs & Akash Network

Trent Lapinski interviews Greg Osuri, the CEO of Overclock Labs and Akash Network. In this episode, we discuss distributed networks, blockchain technology, and what it takes as an entrepreneur to build amazing tools for other people to use. Host: Trent Lapinski Guest: Greg Osuri Music: kaffekrus Automated Transcript (may contain errors): Greg Osuri: 00:00:05 The