Companies Sporting a Rainbow Version of Their Logo for Pride Month

Pride Month Logos

You’ll no doubt have noticed, this month being #PrideMonth, that many companies have swapped out their usual logo for a more colorful one to show their support for the LGBT (or whatever you prefer to call it) community.

While I certainly support everyone’s right to live however the hell they would like to live, I’ve been more keen on the aesthetic nature of all the logos in rainbow colors, which I think look great. I would be remiss if I didn’t make it clear that just as much as a company not sporting the rainbow flag doesn’t mean that they’re anti-LGBT, a company waving those colors doesn’t necessarily mean that they actually are pro-LGBT either.

In other words, some of these companies may simply be following the trend purely for the public relations and marketing nature of it, without really caring otherwise.

Either way, I think it’s cool, so I made a rainbow version of our own logo:

Techpost LGBT

And for fun, I gathered up all the rainbow logos I could find, to share with you in the gallery below: