Viral “Let’s Go Brandon” Flag Meme Listed as NFT for $1.7M USD (420.69ETH)

Let's Go Brandon

With “Let’s Go Brandon” chants sweeping the USA and around the world faster than you can say Make America Great Again, it is no surprise to see the crypto world jumping in with both feet. The meme has now been turned into an NFT on OpenSea selling for 420.69 ETH or roughly $1.7M in USD.

According to Newsweek, the “Let’s Go Brandon” meme got started a month ago after Brandon Brown had just won a NASCAR race. Sportscaster Kelli Stavast was interviewing Brandon after winning his race, while the crowd was clearly chanting “Fuck Joe Biden!” in the background. In an attempt to distract from the chants, Kelli commented, “Let’s Go Brandon,” and thus a meme was born.

“Let’s Go Brandon” has since taken the world by storm, and is regularly chanted at college football games, other sporting events, and has shown up on t-shirts, hats, graffiti, and is now a crypto NFT.

In the fast-moving and highly touted NFT markets where digital ownership of media, images, and files can create millionaires overnight, there seems to be no end to the stratospheric rise in the crypto and NFT markets. As noted by the New York Post, NFT sales have skyrocketed to over $900M USD in a single month.

With crypto markets worth more than $2.5 trillion and BILLIONS in NFT transactions per month expected in early 2022, it is easy to see why a MAGA based meme could fetch an eye-watering sum of 420.69ETH or $1.7M before Christmas.