Surviving Toxic Mold

Never underestimate fungus.


In the past few years, I’ve had a crash course on how powerful fungus is. Often when people are sick, we think of bacteria and viruses as the cause. Rarely do we look to fungus, when we should.

Fungus is smart, invasive, and capable of both offense and defense. It is a living organism capable of doing everything from producing biotoxins or mycotoxins that poison us, to helping us repair nerves like Lions Mane. In fact, most of our antibiotics were originally derived from fungus. There’s even the theory that fungus is a cause of cancer (good luck getting the funding to actually research this). Some fungus can literally cure you of a bacterial infection, others can get you high, and some fungi can poison you, and potentially give you cancer.

Yet for some reason, our medical system and society completely ignore one of the most powerful forces on this planet when it comes to human health.

Despite experiencing indicators of my liver starting to fail, it took a ridiculously long time to figure out what was poisoning my fiancé, dog, and I. The first clue probably should have been all the rashes covering our bodies, but these rashes were mostly dismissed by every doctor we saw. Some doctors went as far as telling us it was “normal” to have fungal infections growing all over our bodies, and that all of their patients have fungal infections. Well doctor, if all of your patients are suffering from fungal infections, that doesn’t mean it is “normal,” it just means you’re not doing your job in treating them. Also, who the hell wants to be normal anyway? We want to be healthy, isn’t that the point of healthcare?

Anyway, the rashes weren’t normal, and thankfully since getting out of our mold and fungus-infected apartment, they’re slowly going away. Granted we’ve had to use everything from silver particles to several anti-fungal creams to a collection of herbs to finally put them in check. It is a slow and painful process.

What this whole experience has taught me, is that our healthcare system is literally looking sick patients in the face and telling them their fungal infections are normal instead of treating them. That’s the state of the complete and total failure we’ve reached in the American healthcare system.

Do you know what the role of fungus in the human body is?

To put this simply, fungus exists in all of us for one simple purpose: it is what kicks off the process of decomposition when we die.

Let me put this in other words, if you have a fungal infection, that’s the equivalent of the body preparing to decompose itself. Doesn’t sound fun, does it?

Our immune systems are supposed to keep fungus in check until we die, but unfortunately it gets overwhelmed when compromised or exposed to acute mycotoxin poisoning. This is why many doctors believe fungus is one of the leading causes of cancer, and why mycotoxin exposure can be so lethal. These toxins crash the immune system enabling other infections, bacteria, and viruses to take hold and become lethal.

This is what happened to my fiancé, dog, and myself while living in a “sick building” in San Francisco. There was no escaping the toxins because they were in the air, on all of our possessions, and even started growing within our bodies. I’ve literally been excreting mold and toxins in my urine and stools for months after exposure.

So what do you do when your doctor wont treat you and you’re sick with a fungal infection?

First and foremost, if you’re being exposed to any kind of mold or fungus in your environment that is capable of producing mycotoxins, you need to physically leave, and take nothing with you. These toxins and the mold spores are in the air and get all over your clothes, devices, and other possessions. They can not be seen with the naked eye. You can clean as much as you want, but if the spores are present and conditions are right, the mold will simply grow back. Meanwhile, if you clean with the wrong thing like bleach, you’re just spreading the mold toxins everywhere and putting yourself and others at risk of future toxin exposure.

Don’t put bleach on it.

If one more person tells me to just put bleach on mold, I think I’m going to have a total breakdown. Bleach will kill fungus, but it won’t break up mycotoxins and spores. You actually need to use ammonia or borax to break up mold toxins and even then they don’t always work on certain materials. Some things just cannot be cleaned.

Once you’re out of the mold, dispose of everything and anything that is contaminated that you are still reacting to after cleaning them. Then and only then can you begin the healing process. We lost most of our possessions including our bed, bedding, books, and most of our furniture. Not to mention losing our home. Honestly, we still both have some kind of PTSD from the entire experience, and our dog is still getting cysts all over his body.

We’ve had a front row seat to just how ignorant everyone is when it comes to mold and fungus. I say this not as an insult, for even I had no idea how any of this stuff worked until I experienced it first-hand. I didn’t even know what a mycotoxin was until August of 2019. It is almost like doctors and the public have been purposely miseducated on the affects of mold and fungus on their health, probably because rental insurance and health insurance companies don’t want to cover the cost. By the way, our rental insurance was completely useless and denied our claim. We had loss of use of the apartment, and destruction of most of our property and our insurance company gave us nothing.

Detox, cleanse, and bind.

If you have been exposed to fungal toxins, unfortunately they’re probably still inside you, especially if you were exposed for a long time. The majority of these toxins are inhaled, but they can also absorb through your skin. They find their way into your sinuses, ear canals, lungs, liver, GI, muscles, and other organs. The only way to get them out is to kill them, sweat them out, detox your digestive system, and take binders to bind to the toxins and excrete them. It is a slow process, which I honestly haven’t completed yet.

I’ve found this GI combo of various binders to be incredibly helpful, but it did recirculate the first time I took them. Recirculation is what happens when you take too many binders, and then don’t excrete the toxins fast enough so they get reabsorbed and poison you all over again. So you need to start low and go slow when first starting binders.

I have also been doing small amounts of bentonite clay in juice, as well as spirulina. Spirulina is a binding super food that is nutrient-dense and also happens to help detox the body. I prefer it to chlorella, particularly in its raw and living form.

Another binder that is fairly controversial which is in the combo above, but can also be taken in tincture form, is zeolite. I’ve had some success with this zeolite, but be careful. Start low and go slow, it can recirculate toxins.

While taking binders, it is important to keep your GI moving and go to the bathroom as much as possible. The best solutions for this that I’ve found are using a frequency generator, and running GI detox programs. While I realize most people don’t have access to one of these machines, they’re awesome for helping you detox.

Substance wise, you can use buffered vitamin C in large doses to induce loose bowels, as well as baking soda in water with lemon (it works as a mild binder and cleanses the kidneys and puts you in an alkaline state). Another good laxative is harataki, and I’m a huge fan of burdock root. Milk thistle also helps the liver.

Sometimes it helps to take a few days off from binders and rotate them every couple days, and take some days off completely. There are various protocols out there like the Shoemaker protocol, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to find and afford a Shoemaker protocol doctor yet.

Destroy biofilms.

Note: Anything that kills fungus can cause herxheimer die-off reactions and can flood the body with toxins. If this happens, stop taking whatever you took to kill fungus and take binders and detox until feeling better, then try again with your killing agent at a lower dose.

If Lyme disease has taught me anything, it is that you need to destroy all biofilms. Well, guess what creates some of the hardest to destroy biofilms? Yup, fungus.

My favorite biofilm solution is EDTA. Although doing it sucks, as the best way to get EDTA into your system and keep it there is as a suppository. EDTA will kill pathogens, break up biofilms, kill fungus, and even chelate heavy metals. It is best to be taken with binders, and you can’t do it every day. You need to take breaks as it puts a heavy burden on the kidneys and liver. So again, go slow and work your way up. The other way to get EDTA, is to do it orally using the Andy Cutler protocol or one of the other heavy metal protocols. I wanted to get as much EDTA into my system as possible so I went with the poor man’s suppository solution (although they weren’t cheap either).

Another thing I’m taking is Biocidin. I am having some success with it. It is one of the strongest things I’ve taken to kill fungus and Lyme disease and break up biofilms. It is definitely wiping out my gut flora and causing something to die off within my system that probably shouldn’t be there. I’m taking it in combo with their Olive Leaf blend, which also has antifungal and detox properties. I am doing the liposomal Biocidin as it goes straight to the blood stream.

Another strong antimicrobial I’ve been using lately is silver, especially nano particles of silver. I’ve found this silver nasal spray to be really effective for destroying whatever’s been messing up my sinuses. Silver hydrogel is also effective topically, and wiped out the rash on my dogs ears, and has helped with my fiancé’s rashes. Our idiot doctors refused to prescribe a stronger anti-fungal cream, so we’ve resorted to buying a variety of the over-the-counter creams and combining them along side antifungal essential oils. It’s slowly working, but she’s still not out of the woods after months of topical treatments since leaving the apartment.

I have to say, I was always paranoid about using silver before this, but after getting over my paranoia, I’ve found it to be highly effective both internally and externally for killing fungus and infections. It works almost instantly, and I’ve since completely changed my mind about its use as an antimicrobial. This stuff should probably be in everyone’s home, and is even more effective than rubbing alcohol because it actually kills fungus alongside bacteria and viruses.


I’ve also been playing with various herbs to help keep the fungus in check. The most useful herbs so far have been olive leaf (antifungal and antimicrobial), and this blend of herbs, which contains: Pau D’Arco Bark, Calendula flower, and Lemongrass herb. This blend works internally and externally as I’ve even applied it to rashes. I’ve even added it in my sinus rinse and it seems to help. It isn’t the strongest anti-fungal ever, but it’s strong enough for maintenance.


NAC has been great for my liver, mood, and detoxing.

Liposaomal glutathione. There’s some controversy over this one. You need to take low doses at first because again it can recirculate toxins. I find it can stop some herxheimer symptoms almost immediately. I no longer take it daily, but only when herxing and instead take NAC and other supplements to boost glutathione naturally.

I also recently started Transfer Factors. It definitely seems to be boosting my immune system. I even experienced a die-off reaction from taking too high of a dose, too quickly.

Other Treatments

I have also tried a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, which was highly effective. Most fungi does not do well in high concentrations of oxygen.

I want to try 10-pass ozone, but sadly can’t afford it.

The Fungus is Among Us

If you live somewhere with mold capable of producing mycotoxins and suspect they are making you sick, your best solution is to get out immediately. Take nothing with you. Not even your toothbrush.

If you do go back, wear a P-100 mask designed for mold, wear protective eyewear, and cover your hair, body, and skin. Clean with something that actually breaks down mold toxins, and hire a licensed mold remediation company. Hire professional mold testing companies, and if you’re renting, call a lawyer, and your local city health department. If you own, either pay for the repairs yourself or contact your insurance provider.

It is best not to mention “mold” when talking to authorities, but rather use the terms “water damage,” “contamination,” and “environmental illness.” These are the magic words to handle this situation because our society, legal, and healthcare systems are not capable of comprehending this situation any other way, for legal reasons.

In most states, you can actually stop paying your rent until repairs are made, as in many states any kind of mold and water damage means the housing is uninhabitable. Check your local city and state for laws pertaining to your situation, but for the most part, the law is usually on the tenant’s side.

With the annual fires happening here in California and changes in our environment happening all over the country, mold is going to continue to get worse due to climate change. More and more people are going to fall between the cracks like we did.

Educate yourself, I wish we knew what we were dealing with a lot sooner. Hopefully this article helped.

Note: More information on treating Lyme Disease if you have both Lyme and mold exposure.

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