Censored Again: Medium Censors Seth Rich Stories

Censorship in action: Apparently we’re no longer allowed to discuss the Seth Rich case on Medium.


On May 23, 2017, yes over two years ago, I published “Seth Rich Is A Whistleblower” on Medium. It received several thousand views and many responses.



Apparently I am not allowed to discuss Seth Rich on Medium now despite the fact I did not violate any of the sites terms of service, and the article was on Medium for over 2+ years before it was randomly removed just 1-day before the 3rd anniversary of his murder.

You can view the republished article in its entirety here on Techpost.

The article in question was literally a critique of the media, and how they were misrepresenting the facts around the Seth Rich case. It was essentially an analysis of fake news. I analyzed the different narratives coming from both the left and the right, and presented the evidence and statements and timeline of events that made this such an unusual case study in the “fake news” phenonomon.

Did I use a clickbait headline and offer some speculation? Sure, but it was intentional to make a point about fake news. I did these things out of irony, not out of an attempt to mislead anyone. I let the facts speak for themselves and for the most part did not speculate.

There is clearly something within the content of my article that the powers that be, including Medium, do not want the public to see even after 2+ years.

I can only assume the reason my Seth Rich articles were deleted was due to this recent Yahoo News article: “The true origins of the Seth Rich conspiracy theory.”

What I find fascinating about this, is the fact that Yahoo News was implicated by WikiLeaks as being complicit in colluding with the DNC to help rig the election in favor of Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders, and eventually Donald Trump. Even in my original article I listed Yahoo News as an untrustworthy news outlet for anything relating to WikiLeaks, the DNC, and the Seth Rich investigation. This is a clear conflict of interest because Yahoo News has every intention to mislead the public about their own role in colluding with the DNC during the 2016 election, and by blaming the Russians they’re literally drawing attention away from themselves and their own misdeeds in an attempt to rewrite history.

The basis of the Yahoo News article is that Russian operatives sent a bulletin or memo about 72-hours after Seth Rich’s murder claiming he was potentially assassinated for political reasons by Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Yahoo News claims this is the source of the “conspiracy” which is absolutely false and not accurate.


Anyone can clearly see and go read any of the threads on Reddit. There were several conspiracy threads published days before the Russian bulletin proving the theory did not originate in Russia. You can view the original post in question that is mentioned by Yahoo News here: http://archive.is/RxXMb

Russian operatives were merely speculating on a conspiracy theory they did not create. Did they potentially amplify the story further for political reasons? Entirely possible, but that doesn’t change the facts of the story or why this became a conspiracy in the first place. Nor does it have anything to do with what I wrote or my right to publish it as an American citizen.

More Fake News

Unfortunately, the Yahoo News story is just another bizarre piece of propaganda and fake news in the Seth Rich case. The entire premise of their article is based on an outright misinterpretation of the facts.

While I do not know who killed Seth Rich, I have every right to discuss the bizarre circumstances surrounding the medias reaction to the case, the statements made by whistleblowers concerning Rich’s involvement with WikiLeaks, and the medias continued use of fake news to spread misinformation surrounding the case. My heart truly breaks for Seth Rich’s family and friends, and it is absolutely horrible that Yahoo News felt the need to spread more fake news about their sons murder on the 3-year anniversary of his death.

Sadly, there have not been any new breakthroughs in the case. There are no new leads, and the case has gone cold. Why Yahoo News would do this is beyond me, and any of the “journalists” peddling this nonsense should be ashamed of themselves.

Lawsuit Reveals Fox News Source

The source for the Fox News story that prompted me to write my original article has been revealed. That story has since been recanted, but in a lawsuit filed today we discovered the source of that story was Ellen Ratner, a Fox News analysts whose brother was one of Julian Assange’s lawyers. She met with Julian Assange who told her that Seth Rich and his brother were the DNC leakers. She brought the story to Fox News after meeting with Julian Assange.

Read the full lawsuit here. Pages 12-14 are the most relevant.

Meanwhile, Kim Dotcom, the hacker who claims he helped Seth Rich, broke his silence today, and stated the following:

Democrats lied about Russia. Mueller lied about Russia. The destruction of Hillary Clinton wasn’t a Russian job. It was a DNC insider who witnessed Clinton’s corruption first hand against Bernie Sanders. He decided to expose Clinton and her corruption. His name was Seth Rich.


Shame On Medium for Censorship Based on Fake News

I ran a search on Medium, and only found two mentions of Seth Rich on all of Medium now through their search results. Even the tag “Seth Rich” has been completely scrubbed of top stories and you have to click “Archive” to view any stories related to Seth Rich. While I did not search this before and unfortunately do not have any screenshots, I can only assume Medium purged most Seth Rich related content from easy to find search results. There are still a number of Seth Rich articles speculating on the Russian narrative, but for some reason my analysis with statements from Obama, whistleblowers, and a timeline of events has been deleted. Others have come out complaining their articles on Seth Rich have been removed as well.

Medium was likely operating off the false assumption that the Yahoo News story was accurate, which it is not, and instead of fact checking Yahoo News just assumed it was true and deleted all Seth Rich related content from Medium assuming it was Russian propaganda, but it wasn’t.

This means Medium is now complicit in censoring me, and potentially others, based on fake news as a justification for censorship. They literally censored my article which was about fake news, and used fake news as a justification for censoring it. Oh the irony.

Censored Again


This very article you are reading now was also posted on Medium, although I just updated it with today’s latest news, and guess what? It was removed within 24-hours. You can’t even mention Seth Rich now, or censorship on Medium, without risking the article from being suspended.

In light of today’s news concerning the source of the Fox News story, the odds of Seth Rich being the DNC leaker just increased significantly. It also means I was censored by Medium for the act of journalism.

We’ve truly entered a 1984 dystopian nightmare and I don’t know how much longer I will continue to use Medium, so please continue to read my content on Techpost.io.

Much like Medium we allow anyone to submit content here, so feel free to come voice your opinions.

Here’s my rant from the first time I was censored by Medium:

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