A World Run by Criminals with Max Igan

Max Igan Interview

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Trent Lapinski interviews radio host and activist Max Igan about the criminal nature of World governments, social credit scores, 5G technology, Internet-of-Things, artificial intelligence, ancient civilizations, propaganda, and the true nature of our reality.

Trigger warning: We discuss the true unfortunate nature of reality.

Guest: Max Igan https://thecrowhouse.com

Host: Trent Lapinski: https://twitter.com/trentlapinski
Music by kaffekrus: https://soundcloud.com/djkaffekrus

Automated Transcript (may contain errors):

Max Igan: 00:06 well, you know, the world is run by criminals. A lot of people are realizing this now. They pushing back in the way that they can like as such with the yellow vest movement and all this sort of stuff. Uh, and with the tech movement, I mean the whole tick situation is really bizarre. I mean that’s really what’s, what’s the leading us into the future is to take industry, which is all this violence and everything that’s coming with it. And like we were assigned before we kind of went Amy, that the tech industry is kind of driving itself. A lot of people think even when you look at five g and AI and all the stuff that’s coming online, social credit, I mean this social accrediting has been driven by government. Sure. But, um, the whole tech industry has been driven by the economics of itself to be about the structure of our society.

Max Igan: 00:52 When you’re living in a, in a society that kids are growing up into this, where it’s all in there, find their whole life they access, it’s an interface between them in the real world. Assisted digital interface, any threat of being locked out of that interface, but thinking the wrong way or saying the wrong thing, stepping outside the lines. These are going to lock these people’s minds into permanent control. They’re going to be too scared to do anything. And if you do get locked out of the system, if you lose social credit points of sunny, you get locked out. He had called her, you’re going to tell when you can’t access, you find you’ve got no phone, you can access you credit cause they’re all frozen. You the only contact you’ve got as a cell phone, you’d been locked out of that system. You can’t use the internet.

Max Igan: 01:30 You’re locked out of that. What do you can do is go ahead and wander around. You might be able to use your car because that’ll be, that’ll be a thumbprint or whatever. That’ll be a digital interface to turn your car on. So they’d be locked out of that as well. You’ll probably find you that a digital lock on your house door as well. So once you leave your house, you, I’m going to get back to you. And only you can do is wander around the skinny and hope that you run into someone to say, Hey, I’ve been locked out. You know, and as soon as you do that, there’ll be surveillance cameras at salad with this trend. Look, he’s down on social credit points. Obviously we’ve walked him out everywhere. We better pick him up now pretty when the spot present just to keep him site. So trend just disappears and you can’t even tell anybody what happened. And they were guy. She what happened to Trent.

Trent Lapinski: 02:17 welcome to tech posts. I’m your host trunk paint schemes. In this episode I interviewed Max Egan. He’s a radio host and youtube post. And in this episode we talk about everything from currency central banks, geopolitics, what’s happening in the Tech Industry today to five g technology and ancient civilization. This is an amazing episode. So please stay tuned.

Trent Lapinski: 02:46 Welcome to the podcast. I’m here with Max and we’re going to get into some crazy topics today. Uh, can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you’ve been up to lately?

Max Igan: 02:56 Well, I’m an activist, a musician, uh, for the last 10 years or 11 years, 12 years. I’ve been 11 years. I’ve been on radio, uh, putting out a radio message and doing youtube clips and stuff like that, trying to wait to water. But Tom, I’m just a musician, basically lived most of my life on the outside of society and go to a point where society became too convoluted to not start speaking about it. So here I am

Trent Lapinski: 03:22 and I’ve been enjoying listening to your radio show when I first discovered it, I think about a year or so ago. Um, so I’m a little bit new to your stuff, but, uh, you know, I, I did dig back a little bit and I’ve really been enjoying your recent stuff and then some of your older stuff as well. Um, it’s really, I, it’s really rare for me to find someone that, you know, has kind of a similar perspective of the world. And I feel like the way your mind works is somewhat similar to how my mind has been working lately. Um, so I would love to get your opinion on just like what is going on with like the state of this world today. I mean we’ve got massive censorship from the tech industry right now. We’ve got geopolitical like chaos, like we haven’t seen in a long time from the yellow vest movement in France, uh, to, you know, what just happened in New Zealand too. You know, Donald Trump being president to all of these, I mean the geopolitical spectrum we’re in right now is chaos. And then there’s this like also this weird mix of what’s also happening technologically and that’s kind of dictating and or at least influencing one of the things that are happening in the world.

Max Igan: 04:36 Well, you know, the world is run by criminals. That’s the bottom line. Um, a lot of people are realizing this now and they’re pushing back in the way that they can, like as such, with the yellow vest movement and all this sort of stuff. And we detect movement. I mean, the whole tick situation is really bizarre. I mean that’s really what’s, what’s leading us into the future is to take industry, uh, which is oldest surveillance and everything that’s coming with it. And what we were assigned before we kind of went here. I mean the tech industry is kind of driving itself. You know, a lot of people think even when you look at five g in AI and all the stuff that’s coming online, social credit, I mean this social accrediting has been driven by government. Sure. But, um, the whole tech industry has been driven by the economics of itself should be about the structure of our society.

Max Igan: 05:22 You know, you, you put people in scarcity and shortage and you know, I didn’t, they, you give them these opportunities to make millions of dollars. And so they go into these industries and I start creating these projects and the industry drives itself a lot of the people that are creating all of the surveillance stuff. Even when you look at Tom Wheeler, um, what was driving him was billions of dollars. You can see it in his eyes when he was giving his speech with the FCC saying, Oh, you know, we’re not going to wait for the standards. You know, there are billions and billions of dollars and microchips everywhere and you can sit in his eyes, he’s got this, it’s like a demon possession or something, you know? Um, one

Max Igan: 05:58 is a weird thing, you know, when you start collecting money, um, it’s this like a pathogen, you know, you get $1,000 and you think, Gee, I wonder if I can get $5,000. Do you, I wonder if I can get to 10. Do you want to, if I can get to $1 million and once you get $1 million, you think, wow, I’ve got $1 million. I wonder if I can get $5 million. And you just keep going until they got billions of dollars and we’re, even when you’ve got billions of dollars, you got $100 billion. Right? I wonder if I can get a trillion, you know, so, and all you’re doing is pulling money out association, walking it up so no one can use it. And there’s nothing you’re going to do with this stuff. I mean, there’s going to be spending all this in your whole life, doesn’t matter what you got to do with it.

Max Igan: 06:35 And I should just creating all these useless programs for the sake of doing it, you know? So the whole thing called it drives itself. So we’re in this really weird situation at the moment. I mean, like I said, a lot of the people that world are revising it and they’re trying to do things about it. Yeah. The yellow vests and all this sort of stuff. Um, my, my argument is that the whole thing is run by criminals and we could stop. The whole thing was simply pulling out support from it, which is a little bit of a guy in, of what the yeller Vuss are trying to do. So, you know, we could, we could stop all this by pulling support from the system and giving support to each other to, you know, to the people around us that would change everything. Stop, stop starting to stop judging our lives by our economic value and look at our human value. You know, think of, think of integrity as a currency that would be, that would be a way through this.

Trent Lapinski: 07:23 I, again, I love kind of the perspective that you’ve been bringing. Cause I mean, you’re right, this is criminal behavior. Uh, these are, these are criminal actions. We’ve long surpassed any rule of law here that makes any sense. And we’re, pat, we’re, we’re long. We’re kind of past that point. But at the same time, you know, I, I, I see also in myself and in others, uh, just how brainwashed in indoctrinated we’ve become because I mean, I grew up, you know, in northern California, in the bay area, you know, I’ve been around the tech industry my entire life and it’s only really been the last like five or six years that I’ve kind of started to wake up to a lot of this stuff. And for me personally, it was because I figured out that I had Lyme disease. If you want to open a corruption rabbit hole, um, you know, Lyme disease is insane.

Trent Lapinski: 08:15 I literally just finished reading the book bitten, which was about the guy who discovered line. Uh, well it turns out he actually created it for the u s government and the fifties and sixties, um, as a biological weapons research program. So it either escaped the lab or the Russians stole the research or there’s a couple of different theories out there. Um, but either way, you know, it just speaks to the nature of the corruption of, you know, what’s been going on. For me that was like a major red pill that has woken me up to a completely new reality because it was like ultimately now, you know, I’m living in this world where I’ve actually got a biological weapon inside of me that has impacted my health. Um, so, you know, how do you explain that to people? Um, and the only way that I can explain it is the fact that, you know, we live in this world governed by criminals.

Trent Lapinski: 09:06 Um, and there’s just so much corruption and there’s so much insanity and there’s so much chaos that has come from it. Um, it’s just completely shifted my paradigm in how I view things because now whenever someone tells me anything, my immediate instinct is, okay, but how does it really work? Because there’s so many false assumptions that I’ve been told my entire life that I now rule realize are nonsense. They’re bullshit from ancient history, uh, to even the city I live in. Like, I don’t know if you’ve ever studied the city of San Francisco, but it’s like, you know, they sell the story of the gold rush. Well if I told you like, oh, there’s a river in India that’s got a bunch of gold in it, like are you going to just leave your family and pack up and go there because you can pick gold out of the river.

Trent Lapinski: 09:54 No. So why do we believe that story about, you know, the city of San Francisco and that’s how it was built. The population went from like a thousand people to like 30,000 people in two or three years. Uh, no, I’m sorry that, that wasn’t a gold rush. Something else happened and they’ve hidden it from history. Um, so I don’t know what happened. I have a theory it was possibly refugees or something like that, uh, from some kind of conflict or something. But, um, you know, there’s so many little things like that where I’ve realized everything from ancient history to, you know, something is simple as a disease and there’s so many layers of corruption surrounding all of these things that we really just don’t know what reality is anymore.

Max Igan: 10:37 Well, we die. That’s the thing. And you’re right about San Francisco. The whole story or how it was credited as completely ludicrous or do I do is look at the solar system, but San Francisco, the settlers did that. Did they? I thought, Oh yeah, we’re gonna need this, this multimodal levels, sewer system. Good out of how many bricks would have taken the incredible work down there. I mean, yes, this isn’t, this isn’t something that happened as a result of the gold rush. And I’m not at all. But you know, I like a lot of people. Yeah, you look at the world and it doesn’t make sense to you why things are the way they are until you’re prepared to realize that, you know, the concept of nations and governments and all this sort of stuff. We’re living in a people farm. Think of it as a people farm.

Max Igan: 11:19 Each nation is a separate pen. People are given papers so they can leave their pen now and then. But the whole thing, oh, this entire international government system is one multinational, multigenerational criminal cabal masquerading as a government that is super imposed itself over human consciousness and they all work together. And Go and have these meetings in the United Nations and all this stuff. They turned the cameras on now and then so we can see them arguing with each other. So we think all this fiction is real. And then when the cameras go off site plan, what they gonna do, they have meetings like the Bilderberg meetings and all these sorts of things would go and plan what the next move for the world is going to be. And they apply all the nations off against each other. All the wars are simply depopulation programs to create this specter of fear.

Max Igan: 12:04 You know, as a great quote by Plato who said that, um, when the Taryn has disposed of enemies, foreign or domestic, and there’s nothing left to fear from them, then he’s always whipping up some war or other in order that the people may require a leader. That’s the way it goes. You know, we, we have to believe, we need these people to keep us safe. You know, who do you need your government for? Where you need national security for? Who are they protecting you from? What from China coming to invade you, John, it doesn’t want to invite you. China’s a a landmass full of people who don’t want to have war either. It’s the Chinese government and the United States government playing each other off against each other to correct the specter of fear. And if you were to go to war, you’d find that the Chinese would come there and I’d bomb all the buildings.

Max Igan: 12:47 I wouldn’t them any of the government buildings. I bold the paypal and if United States goes to China, they’ll bomb all the people as well. They won’t bomb any of the government buildings, won’t bomb any of the key buildings that are actually running the wall, like just depopulated each other’s countries. No more money from a central bank to do it. And then the boat, all the paper in the countries can borrow money from the central bank to rebuild all their things again and after the war, it’s a scam. The whole thing’s a scam. You know, one of the main reasons I want to go in and take out Iran at the moment is because Iran has no central bank. You know, the Muslim world, why they hate the Muslim religion so much is because there is no user, there’s not interest in the Muslim religion, people of the Jewish controlled banking system.

Max Igan: 13:28 This is a very, very controversial point for a lot of people, but it is, it’s a Jewish can control money system and the Jewish money system is usury interest attached to alarm. So it puts everybody in a permanent state of debt and scarcity. And if you look at the uh, the Jewish controlled money system, they don’t charge interest to themselves. A Jew will never charge you interest to another job. They’ll charge interest to everybody else and when they are the ones who run the entire world banking system in the charging interest to everybody in the world except for themselves, which is why that country is, I want to excel and get trillions of dollars a day in the most of them will, there’s no interest. That’s why they want to vilify these. There’s no central bank in Iran, so there’s no way to milk the population for interest in keeping them in a state upon its scarcity.

Max Igan: 14:13 Keep them some server into right corporate system. It was one of the excess of able to, George Bush name wasn’t just Muslim countries, but it was every country that didn’t have a central bank because the central bank is what controls the world. Central Bank. When you control the money system has said bye bye. I think it was um, what, uh, Amsel Roth trials said, um, I can not, who makes the nation’s laws, who controls the money system controls the country and I control the money system. That’s how it works. You know, I want you to control the money system. You control the government, you control the government, you control the people. That’s how it works. And you create this whole specter of conflict everywhere. This fear of terrorism stage, these

Max Igan: 14:52 terror attacks, you know, I get get in Kyle ultra shoot is to go in there or just people in uniform to gun and shoot them up themselves, getting dressed up and go and do whatever you want and just creating the specter. Sometimes you don’t even have to stage a terror when you can just put it in the newspapers and like we were believe once you’ve been stage, you know, but it creates that spectrum of fees. So you need the government to protect you. You need some violence everywhere. You need social credit and being everywhere. You know it’s one big crime family. When you step back and look at it and think that, realize that all of these governments work together, then everything folds into plies. Suddenly the world make sense. You’ll see what’s going on here. It really begins to make sense. And Yeah, they falsified out history that falsified everything.

Max Igan: 15:31 That’s where like the crowded, the government run education systems. So you just teach people whatever they want. I often said, how long would it take to change history will conceivably to do it effectively would take three generations. But if you were to depopulate the world in some way, if there was a big war or cataclysm or whatever happened back in the mid 18 hundreds it appeal would appear as something happened. But whatever did happen or you’d have to do would be to repopulate the world with children. And it only take one generation to change history. And you look at the stories of the orphans and their families and all this sort of stuff. The orphan trains, um, two to 300,000 children ship from east to west across the United States. 100,000 children’s sent out to Australia, to Africa, to New Zealand, almost like roundabout iding it, this was happening, 450,000 children trafficked around Europe in a, in one year around about psychiatry in it. So, you know, you look at this and you start thinking, well, you know, we’ve got no clue what history is and if we can factor in the reality the world’s run by criminals and it’s all one big Cronk family all working together to achieve a common goal, suddenly the well begins to make sense.

Trent Lapinski: 16:43 Hmm. The 18 hundreds is, I mean that’s where I’ve been spending a lot of my research time lately is looking back to the 18 hundreds, because we have visual proof from back then they had cameras. So we have images of cities, we have images of, you know, what was life like back then? And it’s, it just, there’s so many inconsistencies and there’s so many things that just do not make sense to me. Um, from looking at the technology and the, you know, the buildings and the structures that these people had. These are supposedly what the narrative is. We’re told these are a horse and buggy people and yet they’re living in these like mansions, Greco Roman style buildings, and they’ve gotten advanced, sophisticated architecture. Uh, you know, they’ve got clearly some form of technology to be able to power and heat these giant buildings. I mean, if you look at like major cities in the United States like Philadelphia and Chicago, like these are places where it’s nice.

Trent Lapinski: 17:42 So, you know, if you create a giant building, you have to be able to heat it somehow. Otherwise, the people living there are going to Paris during the winters. So, you know, it’s baffling to see these structures that for the time period and what we’re told the technology that existed back then, it just, it doesn’t make sense. Uh, they clearly had access to energy or you know, they had gas lines running through the building or they had something to be able to, you know, be able to just simply live in these structures. The fact that they were able to build these structures and many of these structures are still standing to this day is also a testament to who those people were versus the structures and buildings that we build today. I feel like we’re almost regressing in human history as time is. We get to the modern time because you look back and you know, you’ve got all these structures and these ancient buildings and these ancient mega lists and all these sites that again are still sick, many of which are still standing this day. And then you look at something that we’ve built recently and it’s got a 30, 40, 50 year shelf life. Like what’s up with that?

Max Igan: 18:48 Yeah, we’re digressing and we’ve been told that we are progressing, but we’re not, you know, the, the more you make things prefab, removing us from technology, you know, it’s removing skills from people. Um, you know, you bought by creating prefab prefabricated products, you forget how to make the product yourself over a period of one generation, this goes lost, you know, like, um, things like glass blowing. Yeah. Just a basic skill of gloss Bly. I, lot of people, this is all done in factories now by machine, so over a couple of generations who don’t even know how to do this anymore. You’re either young kids now don’t even know how to plant a garden. Yeah. One of the most basic skills, so you know, all of this stuff is a, is a loss of skill and it’s a, it’s a degradation of the human experience. Um, we’ve got buildings like this here in Australia.

Max Igan: 19:36 Whoa. I built in, in a rant about United the early 18 hundreds, 18, 20 and 40 years after this country was supposedly settled that had magnificent buildings. I mean, supposedly built by convicts and what, we didn’t even have a excavators, inquiries and all that would, what are the comics do? When I got here? That’s the first thing they did was they went and they dug all these quarries and I excavated Ollie’s huge stones. I found ways to transport them to where they wanted to build the cities. And then I build these huge gothic Roman style buildings as you do when you’re colonizing your country and killing off overnight if inhabitants, I mean, yeah, all of these stories are completely ludicrous to they give us for our history. So it is an interesting thing to look into. Yeah. But even even we’re looking at that, I mean we, we, we face the danger of getting stuck down a rabbit hole and I think a lot of the, this information is coming at now two too because it’s a, it’s some romantic, it’s, it really does stimulate the imagination and you want to know, we’ve always wanted to know what their history is and we need to know what the history is, but we’ve also got to pay attention to our surroundings.

Max Igan: 20:40 You know, this whole five g system that’s coming online, a whole social crediting system that’s coming along with it, the mess of violence system that has been

Max Igan: 20:48 put in place under the guise of keeping us safe. It was a very, very important that people pay attention to this because it’s once, once he gets in place, it’s going to be very, very difficult to escape from. And one of the information that we want to find out about history, it’ll disappear. You know, we won’t even have access to the things we want to follow. When you’re changing the search parameters and things on Google now it’s very, very difficult to find information. You want to look. Even my last writing I shove, someone pointed at a, a radio show. My last youtube clip was called, um, a stupid war with Iran and the coming false flag. And someone pointed out said, well, even if I copy this title and search on Youtube for it, I can’t find your, your video clip Max. I can find another channel that’s mirrored at, but I kind find yours.

Max Igan: 21:36 I thought, well, isn’t that interesting? You know, so they’re changing the search parameters on, on everything. So soon it’s going to be even very difficult to research ancient history because we didn’t pay attention Tresor and who’s right now. This is something that bring seriously trying to point out to people. I mean, I’ve, I’ve put a lot of focus on Asian history recently. I’ve done a lot of shows on the discovery of Tata Barrier and um, the possibilities of Atlantis and the possibilities of lost civilizations. The possibilities that a lot of the heating that you’re talking about in these buildings was done by free energy and copper top buildings. And we had a way of doing this because a lot of these buildings are designed like crystal radio sets, you know, and I’ve spent a lot of, Thomas and I’d, I’d love to continue walking down this, uh, this avenue of research, but at the same time, I have to really pay attention to my surroundings at the moment and what is happening while people are busy with their heads down these rabbit holes.

Max Igan: 22:28 You know, because if I don’t pay attention to that, then pretty soon I won’t be able to research type Terrio and better research free energy. Oh, I better find out anything from my should. I want to be able to fund that because I’m going to fall myself living in a smart prison. And that’s what’s going to happen to a lot of people. You know a lot of people that are researching, a lot of these things are going to find that these websites are disappearing and their search parameters are changing and they’re gonna wake up one day and they’re going to look around and go, hang on a minute. How did I end up in this, this smart prison system where everything I’m doing is tracked and monitored and I can’t use cash anymore. Everything, every purchase is monitored and everywhere I go is monitored and everything I do is controlled and they’ve got these electromagnetic prison fences around me that are making me sick and create active denial zones and locked me out of areas, free virtual fences and all the stuff they’re putting in. This is what’s, this is what’s happening. And we’ve got about 18 months, two years to turn this around until it comes online and in a lot of our countries and a lot of our places. So it’s very important that people pay attention to this problem

Trent Lapinski: 23:30 from the algorithm changes. I mean I can tell you Google does change their algorithms on a regular basis and they’ve been tweaking their algorithms and they’ve been doing this stuff for a very long time. So pretty much since the inception of Google, they’ve been tweaking their algorithms, be able to do a wide variety of things. And in the [inaudible] mostly with the aim of being a profitable advertising company. Um, that’s what Google is. A lot of people forget that that’s where they make their money is advertising. So

Max Igan: 23:59 there’s another thing as well, like, um, like I said about being distracted from the real world and being led into this artificial world. Interesting thing. I’d rather would Google, it distracts us. We’re sitting here looking at this screen all the time. You know, you look at the word Google, go Ogle, just go ogle and all this other stuff. I changed it I think around you and tell you what they’re doing. I tell you what the words, it’s interesting as something else I’ve said is, um, what they removing all the knowledge. They’re burning all the knowledge. They’re all alarm is a disappearing and digitizing all books. And what was the first raid or court it was called? Um, Kendall and kindling doing and what’s the new rate? Of course called Amazon fire. You’re burning the nols. They’re telling you that they’re burning the knowledge more. You’d go ogle stuff.

Max Igan: 24:46 We’re just burning all the knowledge of his kindle, but kindling the fire to burn all the books. You know, the book burnings, you hear about the loss of nausea here, about, you know, describing mirrors. I think that this is a cyclic thing that happens every time and they’re burning all the knowledge and they were moving all of our life skills need, giving us apps to replace them. And then in a in a little short time and when, when you get to that point where you’re completely dependent upon this system for communication or even getting rid of landlines, you’re talking about the removing phone boxes. So everything’s going to be Internet based and it’s all going to be up on the clouds and none of us were on your computer. It’s all on the cloud. I’m even getting harassed by my Internet provider now for not moving to wordpress because I’m still, I don’t know what html website that don’t want me to have that and want me to have a wordpress site because then it exists only on the cloud and I can turn it off and shut it down anytime I want and I can say that your against wordpress guidelines, whatever you happen to be signing on your website.

Max Igan: 25:43 So there’s all this contractual stuff that goes with it and it all disappears onto the cloud and all your community conation is on the cloud. When you’re living in a, in a society that kids are growing up into this where it’s all and they fund their whole life, they access. It’s an interface between them. In the real world is this digital interface. Any threat of being locked out of that interface for thinking the wrong while signing the wrong thing or stepping outside the lawns. This is going to lock these people’s minds and do permanent control. They’re going to be too scared to do anything. And if you do get locked out of the system, if you lose social credit points and sunny, you get locked out, you going to call, who are you going to tell when you kind of axis, you find you’ve got no phone, you can access your credit card, zero frozen, you the only contact you’ve got as a cell phone. You’ve been locked out of that system. You can’t use the internet. You’re locked out of that. What are you can do is go ahead and wander around. You might be able to use your car because that’ll be, that’ll be a thumbprint or whatever. There’ll be a digital interface to turn your car on. So they’d be locked out of that as well. You’ll probably find you go to a digital lock on your house doors were also, once you leave your, you I’m going to get back

Max Igan: 26:44 in and all you can do is wander around the city and hope that you run into someone to say, hey, I’ll be locked out. You know, and as soon as you do that there’ll be Savannah’s cameras itself with this trend. Look, he’s down on social credit points. Obviously we’ve walked him [inaudible] we were, we better pick him up now. Put them in the spot prison just to keep him safe. So Trent just disappears and you can’t even tell anybody what happened. They all just going, do you want to happen to train? And it’s getting to the point now they can just create a digital version of you and you can still be up there talking to people doing a podcast. They won’t even know it is in you. Because I’ve been sampling new voice for the last 10 years and I’ve created these whole digital personas where they can virtually and make anybody now.

Max Igan: 27:21 And they’ve got that stuff where they can just put their marks on your face. And I can sit there and treat cameras and they can put words in your mouth with your voice. I can do the word and you know, so you can see where we’re going with all this folks who people don’t pay attention. So that’s something to really look at it. And you working in that industry, you know, all these algorithms exist. You know, where the tech going. And we’re being led to a very, very dark place and people won’t even know the difference on who we are and what reality is and what reality isn’t before too much longer.

Trent Lapinski: 27:50 I mean, San Francisco, I’ve been in the tech industry, I know exactly what’s coming and it scares the crap out of me. Um, because I know exactly what they’re building. I know how they’re building it. I know the software they’re using to build it. Um, you know, these are all tools that I’ve learned how to use myself. Um, these are tools that I’ve used on my previous projects. I’m using them in my current projects. Uh, I mean it’s frightening because we, I mean, I, I kind of see some of the projects I’m working on right now as being some of my last, because I know that once these projects are out there and once this technology is available, I don’t see how capitalism can function anymore. I don’t understand. Like I don’t understand what’s going to happen to the, to the economic system that we have because the way that it’s set up with artificial intelligence and the way that we’re trending right now is one or two companies are going to just own everything and there’s not going to be any room for competition.

Trent Lapinski: 28:46 There’s not going to be any more free market. We’re going to enter a phase of automation within the next 10 years where most people are not going to have a job anymore. And then they have no life skills. They have no education. The education’s they get from the education system are completely useless. Um, I mean, when I meet people who graduate from Stanford or Harvard, I’m just like, oh crap. Like can I even have a conversation with this person? Because I’m like, they only know what’s inside the box. They have no experience most of the time outside the box. I mean this is not exclusive. Of course there’s exceptions to the rule, but often people that are the most educated and at least the United States that I’ve come across through the most indoctrinated, um,

Max Igan: 29:32 that’s what the education system is. It’s an indoctrination system is trying to think in one way university, one way of thinking, one verse. You need verse one way. You

Max Igan: 29:41 know, it’s uh, it’s, it’s um, what we’re heading for is basically a universal income or basic universal income for everybody, which would be like a welfare state. Everybody will be on welfare.

Trent Lapinski: 29:54 You crossing that line in that income goes away.

Max Igan: 29:58 Yeah. You cross the line of the income goes away and so becomes a fully automated, decide like you say, and people just have to work the job they’re given because they don’t have any life skills. I can’t go and do anything on their own. They’ve not been taught anything on there and they don’t need to do anything on their own because they were the lab. We’ll take care of it for it doesn’t even need to learn the why around their own city. They will need to learn anything. I have to think at all, you know, so, and then what that does as well. It’s like if you don’t, yeah,

Trent Lapinski: 30:23 my car, cause I don’t use gps. I know my way around. I grew up here.

Max Igan: 30:27 Yeah. Yeah. Well yeah, it’s lucky if you don’t use your legs, they become atrophied. If you don’t use your muscles, I become atrophy. If you don’t use your brain, it becomes atrophied. People don’t even think now turn left here. Okay. All is a ramp tight. The ramp onto the traffic line. Yeah. I merge with the traffic. All I merge with the traffic even course you do think about it. You know, this is basic common sense. Not any of this. Even this has been taken away from people. So, and maybe even a little apps now that you can get on your phone, which will mimic you and think like you and give you advice when you need advice. So you’re getting advice from yourself. So they kind of creating an app to become you to take over. If you do the wrong thing, your app can do it all.

Max Igan: 31:09 They’ll just put the APP update, I’ll put a little CGI version of you and your friends won’t even know you disappeared. Now suddenly you’re just promoting the government law and you know and everyone will see how successful you are often doing so. So I don’t want to call you, you know, so this is, this is how they’ll do it. It’s pretty freaky though. We’re doing but, but like you say, when you’re looking at it, the people running the companies is the problem and, and I don’t know what they’re doing. They’re only doing it because they are motivated by this whole social mechanism, this whole economic mechanism. They think they call them into the top of the economic and social letters and they’re rubbing shoulders with all these cool people in this lifestyle is unfolding for them. Normally they don’t realize what they’re being led into.

Max Igan: 31:48 And even the way society is developing into a two car society, the poor are becoming much, much poorer and the rich are becoming much, much richer, but there were heading for the same price. They’re all waiting for this universal basic income because I’ll have no skills. I want to be the people who run the companies at the top who have any skills. But eventually those companies will get merged with other companies that will end up, Amazon runs the whole thing, you know? So you’ll have Amazon on Google running the whole show eventually pretty well. And um, that’s what it’s going to be. And it’ll only be the CEOs of those companies were trying to really need to be two people, you know? And that’ll be who’s running the whole thing. Eventually they’ll merge into one thing, get bought out by the banking cartels at the top, and then the, the banking cartels were by each other out and eventually you got one family sitting at the top sign or I, when game of Thrones, that’s the way it works, you know?

Trent Lapinski: 32:34 Yeah. Although I don’t know if anyone will expect a brand knowing that. Don’t know if I’m spoiling this for anyone but whatever. But uh, you know, we, so I wanted to get your opinion on five g and talk about that a little bit more because you know, I’ve read some of the Russian research about microwave technology and the technology that a lot of five g is based on ultimately there, you know, this technology, the, the microwave technology that they’re using for five g, I mean has documented health affects the Russians research this in the forties and fifties that during the Cold War, after World War II, the United States government’s research, this, if you, you can look up some like old CIA files and documents from like the, I think the 70s or the 60s, they know exactly what this technology is capable of and how it can be used as a weapon.

Trent Lapinski: 33:27 And this technology can be weaponized. It’s just a matter of applying a high enough electrical current to these transmitters and to these antennas. So, you know, they’re obviously rolling out low power versions of this technology supposedly. Um, for the five g rollout, but all it takes is increasing the voltage and all of a sudden what we’re using for communications becomes something that can be turned into a weapon. Can you talk a little bit about your thoughts on five g and then also what they’re doing in Australia to actually, some of the people that are trying to combat this

Max Igan: 34:03 well forJ is a weapon system is absolutely a weapons system. That’s one of the scary things about it and it is a very dangerous electromagnetic technology. Very dangerous health damaging frequencies are they using but, but it’s a weapon system or there to do is go onto the [inaudible] website. So come dop on nonlethal weapons and you’ll find all of this stuff is four g pad active, all systems, microwave Kennan’s, all the stuff that I used it in Iraq and the Gulf War. This is all fog g power, the whole wall. So that’s the problem with you know, it is a huge problem and you’ve just got to ask yourself, how do you trust your government enough to have this in place? And even, okay, maybe you do, but what about the next government and the next government and the government up to that? What about what happens if a, there’s a revolution and some dictators take I ever in this whole technologies in place, you know, so you know you’re allowing a weapon system to be put blanket over the entire country.

Max Igan: 34:57 Our weapon systems that can be used to target individuals and it’s also a massive violence system that can do all the things I mentioned before. Lock you out of certain areas. I’m just track you every single thing that you do. So it’s just bad. It’s a really, really stupid or ID and you’ve got to look at what’s the world’s leading cause of death. It’s government. Yeah, you can say it’s heart disease now. It isn’t. It’s government. Dennis side as the world’s leading cause of death always has been. Don’t trust these people, folks who you can’t trust your government. It doesn’t matter where you live. You can’t trust the government. What we’re doing here in Australia, there’s a barrister who has come to the party. See what happened. There was a, an area, I think it was in, in Sydney or Tasmania some way, but there was an area where I went to put it in a five post

Max Igan: 35:38 and it happened to be four doctors living on this street and a couple of lawyers living on the street as well. And they kind of look at this one. Hang on a minute. And so we’ve determined that m five g is damaging to your health. This is, this is one document that it is, the governments are saying they don’t have any, any standards or anything yet, but they do, the standards exist. They know exactly what they’re doing. So same as any type of microwave technology. Um, even even a doctor will leave a room when you’re getting a cat scan or an x ray. Yeah, I leave the room because the radiation to damaging. So doctor’s note, it’s just damaging to biology. What people are doing is they’re going in, they’re making claims saying, oh, this is this, this is that. Um, but they’re not, they’re not providing any medical evidence for it.

Max Igan: 36:23 So this barristers figured out, all you gotta do is get a doctor to say, yes, electromagnetic radiation causes harm. That’s all you need basically. And once you’ve got a statement from a doctor that saying, yes, this causes harm, then any, any attack, any, any fogey, Polaroids around you really constitutes an assault against you. So we have laws in Australia or the criminal code where you, anybody, you’re living in any place anyway, you’re, you’re entitled to quiet enjoyment of your life. That’s, that’s the basis of, of living is quiet enjoyment of your life. If you’re not hurting anybody, you’re not disturbing anybody. You’re entitled to just sit there and enjoy yourself. Just enjoy being alive. That’s what life is about. So any, any, a threat to that quiet enjoyment is considered to be in an assault against you. So if there’s a poems, but outside your house and you have a doctor’s report here that says electromagnetic radiation is bad and dangerous and this thing is, is you are projecting this electromagnetic radiation in half, can you be in quiet enjoyment of your life in your house?

Max Igan: 37:24 Knowing that this thing is, is poisoning at solid. Suddenly you’re, you’re not in enjoying enjoyment anymore. You’ve seen, they’re in fear of this poll, the tests on that, that constitutes an assault against you because you’re entitled to quiet enjoyment of your life in your own house. If he can’t do that while there’s poles there and you have a medical reason for it, here it is. A doctor says this stuff’s dangerous and you’ve just put it there. This constitutes in solving guys, me. So you need to remove that pot. And that’s what we’ve been doing and it’s been working. So you know, if you look at your criminal code in whatever state that you’re in and figure out what you are entitled to, are you entitled to quiet enjoyment of your life and you’re in the comfort of your own heart. And every state must have some form of criminal code.

Max Igan: 38:06 I mean, you’ve got to be in the says there that, hey, I’m entitled to the pursuit of happiness in my life. Isn’t that the basis of what it means to be an American, you know, quiet enjoyment and the pursuit of happiness. And can you do that if there’s this medical, medically proven assault being conducted against you with this pole, there you are. Now you can no longer pursue happiness because you’re freaked out all the time. You’re sitting in your life freaked out that you’re under assault and no one’s doing anything bad. So presenting it in the right way and you know, not becoming across as paranoia and a lot of people are going in there, they’re asking doctors to write out a report saying, you know, uh, I’m, I’m being affected by five G. I need you to document my medical condition is saying, well, hang on. You’re delusional and you’re putting them in jail, locking them up because it’s the wrong approach. We’re not asking you, we’re not asking you to identify a condition in May that I’m claiming I’ve got, I want a medical report for all I want is a doctor’s opinion of the danger. So, you know, it’s, it’s this, this approach that we’ve been having just been working.

Trent Lapinski: 39:09 Well, I can tell you from my experience. So you know, as I mentioned earlier, you know, I’ve been dealing with Lyme disease and one of the things Lyme disease does is it eats away at the, uh, sheets of the nerves. So the protective layer of your nervous system has these like fatty tissue, she surround them and when that gets eaten away and exposes your nerves to the environment, um, so I’ve actually unfortunately experienced a little bit of this nerve damage. What essentially is, so it actually does make me an electromagnetically sensitive so I can actually sense and feel Wifi and four g technologies as it is today. Um, so I already have the capacity to do this. There’s many other people that have medical conditions that are EMS sensitive and can feel, uh, EMF radiation and sensitive and have sensitivity towards it. It’s a very real thing.

Trent Lapinski: 40:03 So five g is going to amplify those effects because it uses a completely different frequency set than the existing four g and Wifi and that infrastructure. So comparatively, you know, when you’re using these radio waves, it’s one thing and these again are very low power devices, but when you switch over to microwave technology and these higher frequencies, it becomes a completely different equation. I’ve even personally been using a frequency generator because you can actually use frequencies also to heal if you apply the right frequencies to be able to do, you know, you can, you can actually do all kinds of things. You can stimulate acupuncture points, uh, Meridians within the body. Um, you can do a lot of different things with frequencies and actually have a positive health effects if you’re applying the right frequency to the desired area to be able to achieve that.

Trent Lapinski: 40:57 So royal rife was one of the people who helped create this technology in the early 1920s and thirties, I believe. Um, and so there definitely has been a lot of research that’s gone into frequencies and how frequencies can and do affect the body both positively from a healing aspect. Um, and you can also use frequencies to kill bacteria, viruses, cancer, even, um, to the negative effects of the wrong frequencies at the wrong power consumption. And then what health effects that has, which again, it’s, we’re talking weapons here, you can literally use these as weapons. So of course if you’re paranoid, like, you know, it’s not like they’re purposely rolling out the weaponized version of five g from your local cell phone carrier. That’s not their intention. They just want to sell you a higher bandwidth plants. They can charge you more money. It’s all about that profit motive.

Trent Lapinski: 41:52 The problem is, is the hardware that they are using to do that is capable of being turned into a weapon with the right software and with the right amount of energy applied to it. And that is the problem is as you said, you know who 10 years down the road is going to be in charge. Um, you know, I, I just, it always confuses me, especially in the United States where, you know, we have this left right paradigm, right, of the political spectrum and it’s like, you know, you have you, whoever is in power, you know, goes, oh, it’s, you know, because my guy’s in charge, you know, it’s, it’s a good thing. And you know, then eight years or four years later, the next guy gets empowered and then it just flips and it’s like, oh, now this is bad. And you know, the, you know, whatever and you, you kind of see that paradigm shift happening.

Trent Lapinski: 42:36 But the reality is it doesn’t matter who’s in charge today. It can be used for something evil. It can be used for something bad in the future. And that’s the problem is we’re literally putting a technology in people’s homes and people’s living rooms in your pocket. I mean, that is the scariest thing to me about five g is you’re going to be carrying these devices in your pocket. Like these are going to be in your cell phones, in your mobile phones, in your smart phones. This technology is going to be in your hands, that you’re going to put it in your pocket next to your reproductive organs. You’re going to, you know, women are going to stuff it into their bras. Um, you know, it’s, it’s pretty crazy to think that once the system goes live, all of these devices are going to be communicating using this microwave technology with local antennas nearby and what effect that’s gonna have on all of us. Those questions haven’t been answered unfortunately, and we, they haven’t been properly researched.

Max Igan: 43:36 Yeah, it’s got to have a huge effect on everybody and mobile phones. One of the key parts of it is the surveillance system kind of work. If people don’t have smart phones, you know, I don’t have smartphones or carry a phone with me anyway. These things track everything. You’d be, you basically just while you’re carrying around your on ankle bracelet, you know, people talk about ankle braces, you know, block people who have been conforming to the hazards goal. This is what they smart phones off that track every single thing you do. They even measure barometric pressure. So you smartphone knows when you’re getting an animal cha noise. When you go off and dance days, it knows everything you’re doing. You know, it can conceivably track every, every moment of every day, every conversation you have, the everybody you speak to, every shop you go into, every time you get in and out of a vehicle, everything you’re doing.

Max Igan: 44:22 So yeah, without these devices, the whole system couldn’t come on along. And eventually this sign, oh, and then they might need, so you need these devices and talking about even when moving landlords, so yeah. And landlords are always your last line of defense. I mean, landlords have their own five volt power system in them. So if the power goes down, you can still call people and your telephone, you still get the word out. You can still get messages to people, but they want to take all this stuff away as well. So yeah, I mean, this is what I say to a lot of people. You when I see them, even at conferences, when I go around and do these speaking tours and things and people come up and they tell me they’re an activist and I go, yeah, well you’ve got a smartphone and you can planning about the new world order.

Max Igan: 45:02 The new order is, is the smartphone. The smartphone is the new order. So yeah, oh, but I need it for this. And they all actually, I do all this stuff and I don’t own a smartphone. I got let a lot of time people say, um, if I gave up my smartphone and how could I watch you podcasts maximal, I don’t have a smartphone or I make the podcast and I watch other people’s podcasts, I’ll do it on the computer when I’m at home. You know, I don’t take the digital world at with me into the real world because the real world is falling upon this turning into a prison system because everyone’s got their heads locked in these little devices. They’re not looking around them and what’s happening and they need to, they really, really need to.

Trent Lapinski: 45:38 Oh, they do. And it’s such a problem. I mean, you can’t even have a conversation with the person sitting next to you anymore because we’ve lost the social skills to do that. And we’re all distracted. I mean, people need to understand that there are psychological principles at play here when you’re using this technology and you know, the people who create these apps, unfortunately like myself as I’ve created some of this stuff and I, you know, I, I’m equally as guilty. Um, you know, we in the tech industry take advantage of psychology when building applications to increase the addiction potential to get you to pay attention to it more. Uh, we know this psychological limits of how people interpret their relationships and how to interact with those people. There is a limit for the average human being to how many people they can manage and interact with.

Trent Lapinski: 46:29 The numbers for a given person is somewhere directly between seven and 11. Uh, in terms of being able to manage people directly. This is why if you look at like sports teams for example, uh, you know, most of the teams, depending upon the sport, you know, or somewhere between, you know, six and maybe 12 players because you can only actively manage so many people directly in real time to be able to achieve a goal. Uh, then you also have the, you know, the kind of community sense and the psychological limit of what a community is and that limit they’ve discovered as around 150. So when you hit 150 friends on Facebook or one of these social networks or whatever, you psychologically, your brain taps out. You’re like, okay, I’m done. I’ve got 150 friends now you, you’ve hit that thresholds. So you stopped seeking new relationships. You stop seeking new relationships with other people because in your head you’re carrying all of relationships with you. You already established who your community is, but it’s a false reality. It’s fake, it’s not real. And it was designed by someone in the tech industry to make you feel that feeling. And make you feel that sense of belongingness even though you’re sitting alone in your room with the device in your hand and there’s no one else with you.

Max Igan: 47:50 Yeah. Yeah. And even your be able to say that and admit, when you look back at what you were doing when you were involved in industry and you are miking those apps, none of that was in your head about control. None of it was in your head about where it’s slating. It was all about the, the whole wave that you are on the ride that you’re on of being able to create this stuff and have cool it was that you’re doing this and all the income you can get from it and the shoulders you can rub with and how you’re going into this world and you don’t, you’re not thinking about it. That’s why you can’t say these people that are creating these apps are evil people. They’re just, they’re just programmed in there, in this wave, and they just riding this wave and, and,

Trent Lapinski: 48:29 oh, I had the bottle for five years when I ran around. Yeah. I,

Max Igan: 48:35 yeah, yeah.

Trent Lapinski: 48:36 That’s what it was. I wasn’t paying attention. I didn’t understand.

Max Igan: 48:40 Yeah, because you get into that and you bring kids out of school, you correct this. Wow. Look what you can do. You can become a millionaire overnight by just creating the right software and it all, it’s all militarize. The whole thing gets smell trials. But not a guy who was working for a game. He was working for a Japanese gaming company and he was, uh, creating an artificial intelligence for robot within the game that you would go into this game. It was like a first person shooter and you would go in and fight these robots. But these robots would learn from you. All we have to do is go in there and fought them once. And once you’ve fought them, they’ll start to learn your style and be able to copy it. It’s tough learning. And they began with a mimic and within, within, once you’ve beat them 10 times, you’ll never beat them again because they know all your moves by then.

Max Igan: 49:30 So, and he’d say how cool it was and had great, this game’s going to be to be able to do this. And I’m thinking, do, do you realize what you’re doing? Like you’re, you’re creating an artificial intelligence which will, which is self learning, which will mimic people that you will never, ever be able to bait you. Do you honestly think did die, don’t have a military application for this, which is why they’ve created this game. I mean, can you look at what you’re attributing to, and he couldn’t say it, you couldn’t fit it all. He’s just sort of was really cool. He was to be able to, he was. He was, yeah. He found it challenging to create the Algorithms and to create the program to, to be able to do this. It was that, why did that? He was on, you know, so that’s why you can’t blindly these people, it’s all the result of programming.

Max Igan: 50:14 Most of the stuff we’ve seen, the where all these people doing these bad things. I just resolved programming. I mean, sure, there’s people at the top to probably know what’s going on with it. But that would be why beyond the realms of government, most of the people in government or even program to do what they’re doing. Saw some of these people genuinely believe they’re doing the right thing. I mean you’ve, you’ve got people like Bolton wanting to start a war with Iran, just pushing it and pushing it and pushing it because he’s programmed to think that way. He probably really thinks it’s the right thing because it’s going to support Israel and support all this stuff he wants to do. You know, and they probably, all the people in Israel, they want to kill all the Palestinians. They programmed to think that way. You kind of blind them for they programmed to do this, you know, it’s all the result of programming a, everybody, every silo, much programming in this world and it’s all based on laws.

Max Igan: 50:58 Bushley everything had told us a lot and everyone’s given a different lights or to believe in even a different nation to believe in, which is a law in itself. You know, it’s very, it’s very difficult to find a way out of this thing, which is what I’ve been encouraging people to go within and just look within fond themselves because that’s the way I am. See the beauty is, so in my case, we’re all in this together. Um, nobody wants to have a wall. Nobody wants to, to profit from you. Nobody wants to make your life harder. The only reason people do these things in one, all this profit and stop just because the world’s kept in scarcity. And I think that’s the way I am really the why ad is for is for us to remember who we are. That’s the why add is it’s us to just learn empathy again and basic respect for each other again, you know, and be able to discuss things openly that without crucifying someone who thinks differently, you know?

Trent Lapinski: 51:47 No, absolutely. Well, I mean for me meditation was a big, it was a big one, you know, and that it enabled me to look at myself introspectively and then also to be able to analyze what was happening externally as well because you really need to give yourself that time and space to be able to really interpret and understand things. I mean, compared to who I was five, six years ago versus who I am today. I mean, back then I would just make decisions impulsively and was constantly stuck in the moment and couldn’t pay attention to anything. It was just like, you know, as soon as my brain jumped from one thought to the next, you know, I would pay attention to all of those thoughts as if they had meaning or purpose. And I now realize like, no, like you got to sit at the edge of the river man and just let all that shit go by because, uh, at the end of the day, we all live in this crazy stream of consciousness. We’ve allow all this contamination into our, into our thoughts and into the way that we see and view the world. And ultimately you have to kind of sit back and give everything, some time and space to be able to create that balance. Do you have anything that works in your life that kind of helps you create that balance?

Max Igan: 52:58 Um, no. Just being comfortable with who I am, that’s like in the APP, call me. I’ll always not always balanced. There was otherwise. This why, I mean I was all my life was a train right up until I was 30 or 40. So, um, you know, but no, just, just, uh, knowing who I am, what I am and removing stake in the outcome and meditation helps. Absolutely. It does. And just, just reflection, I’m realizing that we’re all in this together. There’s nobody who is more better or more deserving than anybody else and saying, why are we even do these things while you even judge people just flying out. It all comes back to this, this social system and the scarcity system, the economic system. So, you know, it’s all been put here for us. We often judge ourselves according to parameters which are given to us by other people and we fall to really understand ourselves and what we are.

Max Igan: 53:50 And that’s what this journey is about. It’s about self discovery. Yeah. And in London, men is a, is a strange thing. Lightman is a destructive process. Enlightenment does not mean you’re going to become all warm and fuzzy and sit on top of a mountain. You know, glowing in a state of Nirvana in Latin meant bringing light to the darkness. What is light? Light is knowledge. It’s information. And once you really have in information enlightenment, the loan is not a pretty place. It breaks down everything you think. It was real about reality. And it’s not a comfortable place for people to want to go through and, but people don’t want to get to. So it’s, it’s um, it’s not easy to bring a lot to the dock. That’s just not easy to bring people information of what the world is and where they’re going because they don’t want to know.

Max Igan: 54:41 It’s uncomfortable for them to know. They want to be comfortable, that won’t quite enjoyment in their life. They want the pursuit of happiness because I think happiness is all this other stuff. Happinesses and new car and new house. It’s winning the lottery or whatever. You know, really happiness is peace within happiness is quiet enjoyment of your life, which you’re not going to have if you don’t pay attention to what’s going on around us. And, and want to say we could change the world and a diet if we change that perspective of what is going on here changed your perspective of who we are and whether we need governments who are all this stuff. I mean, even with the rules and laws and legislation, who is, how will we be if we didn’t have this? It’d be crawling everywhere. The crime money exists because people are kept in a state of scarcity.

Max Igan: 55:23 Yeah. That’s, that’s the basis of all crime. Unless it’s crunch of passion, you know, jealousy or whatever, you know, but, but that’s about it. You know? And even when you’re looking at most of the old wars, like back here in Australia, the 30 nations, if foot 30 original nations that were here before, the one main time, any walls that break out between those people was usually crimes of passion was because some guy fell in love with a girl from another tribe or whatever. You know, so, um, no real crime if there’s no scarcity and scarcity as manufactured, it’s, it’s a result of the money system and the why it’s going. I was just getting worse and worse and worse. And Society is getting more and more divided, but we could change at all by changing Eh, perspective of who we are and just stepping back and looking at this and check out, I don’t want to do this anymore.

Max Igan: 56:06 Let’s do something else. We can turn the whole world into a garden. He uses a whole military machine to, to all of the funding that they’ve got, the equipment they’ve got. We could, if the military stop killing people and started tilling the earth and creating gardens and planting trays, we can change the world into an incredible paradise within one year. Yeah. And we can get that happening. But changing epis spective I honestly believe that if you change the world on a day, if there was just this funny and people suddenly realized that actually I have value, I actually have value. And so do you actually, we have equal value. Okay, let’s do something else. Let’s get along. What are you doing with your life? What’s it like over there? You know, talk about things. It doesn’t matter what people believe. All this stuff is programming. Anyway. So, yeah.

Trent Lapinski: 56:48 Well it’s been a pleasure having you on and this has been an amazing conversation. Do you have any other final thoughts before we wrap up recording?

Max Igan: 56:55 No, I look on good brothers. Thanks to have me on. It’s been been good to come and chat to you. Anybody who wants any more my information, there’s a website called the crow house. Got Calm. You’ll get terribly troll for having me on because I get a lot of trolls sliding because I don’t think inside any particular box and people don’t seem to like that, but um, yeah, so it’s, it’s been great to come in and have a chat to trend and thanks for having me on and we’ll do it again soon.

Trent Lapinski: 57:18 Awesome. And you’ve got that youtube channel as well that people can check out. Um, is there anywhere else that people can find you?

Max Igan: 57:25 You find me on Steemit Mech Sagan. You’ll find me on Linkedin as well. I mean, I don’t use these platforms much except to share information. The same as fascist book. I just share information there, but, uh, if you send me an email through the car has.com uh, or you can go there, you’ll find links to everything that I do from the Cryo House. So yeah, that’s, that’s the best place to go.

Trent Lapinski: 57:45 Awesome. Well, thank you for coming on.

Max Igan: 57:49 My pleasure, brother.

Trent Lapinski: 57:49 Thanks for watching another uncensored episode of tech posts.io. I’m your host Trent Lapinski and don’t forget to subscribe to us on Youtube and hit that little notification bell next to the subscribe button so that you can get notified when we release new episode. You can also find us on iTunes, Google play, and other social networks, including Twitter and Facebook at tech post Io. And you can find me personally at Trent Lipinski. Once again, I’m Trent Lapinski and this has been another great episode of Tech Posts. Dot Io. We’ll see you soon.