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Free thinking is now a thought crime, as we censor ourselves out of fear.

The tech industry has a problem; the technology that was supposed to bring us all together has instead torn us all apart. Technology was supposed to bring us freedom and democracy, but instead has become fuel for a culture war that is dividing and destroying the modern world.

We now live in a world of tyranny, echo chambers, click bait, spam, and our data, privacy, and freedoms have been taken from us.

Free speech is dead. What are we going to do about it?

Welcome to our first podcast, I am your host, Trent Lapinski, and one of the co-founders of Techpost. I am leaving my other podcast, and instead, will be focusing all of my energy on Techpost for the foreseeable future.

As a journalist and technologist, I decided to remain true to my values and build something that I own that can help bring some truth and perhaps even some justice to this world. I value freedom of speech, and believe it is a journalists duty to cover both sides of a story.

I will be using this podcast to explore a wide range of fascinating topics from the nature of consciousness, hacking, cyber security, artificial intelligence, automation, cloud computing, blockchain, cryptocurrency, politics, ancient civilizations, yoga, the cannabis industry, tech news, disclosure of the secret space program, weather modification, to how technology is changing our society and culture.

Unlike my previous projects, I will be free to explore a wide range of controversial topics, including politics.

While other podcasts will remain soft, uninteresting, and only talk about politically censored topics I intend to engage in real conversations with people in all walks of life and ask real questions, without fear of discrimination or censorship.

So please come join us on Techpost, where I am hoping to build a beautifully-chaotic tapestry of content to enlighten and open minds instead of close them.

The universe works in mysterious and screwed up ways.

And, At 32-years-old, I find myself yet again staring into the abyss searching for any shred of sanity in an insane World. In my 20+ year career in the tech industry the past few years have by far been some of the darkest. The Internet has been censored, our privacy is gone, our freedoms have been taken from us, and anyone who thinks freely and has any sense of moral compass or ethics, are now viewed as weak by a prison planet run by predatory, elite sociopaths.

My generation has been brainwashed, drugged, left for dead without real health care, poor and childless, and remains constantly under surveillance while willfully addicted to technology.

We are now standing at the edge of an automated future powered by artificial intelligence. While also facing a culture war designed to divide and conquer.

World powers are hacking into all of our infrastructure, stealing all of our information, and launching economic warfare against the people of the World. While crypto freedom fighters struggle to take power back from the powers that be.

The mainstream media is dividing us with fake news and propaganda to push us towards war and a false reality.

The Internet has become a hateful and negative place.

I’ve found myself a victim of the powers that be in so many ways from being attacked by outrage mobs, to death threats, to losing relationships that were important to me, all due to politics. I now find myself digitally homeless as the communities I once loved and helped build have been corrupted both online and in real life.

While I don’t know what this site and podcast will become, I intend to try my best to figure out if I can build something that brings people together and does some good in this crazy world we live in.

I don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring, but as a journalist, and podcaster, I want to be able to reach as many people as possible without having to censor myself so that we can seek the truth and navigate the chaos together. I intend to be a beacon of light in world of darkness.

At this point in my life, I have nothing left to lose. Last year, I nearly lost my battle with Lyme disease, and I have been fending for my life without health insurance trying to find a cure. I’ve lost friendships, multiple sources of income, and tried my best to help others be successful, but often found myself being taken advantage of.

That’s why I am done working for others and instead will try and build my own community with people I trust.

Please join me on this adventure. I hope to create a home for free-thinkers, hackers, and technologists who value freedom, liberty, and justice.

Host: Trent Lapinski https://twitter.com/trentlapinski
Music by kaffekrus: https://soundcloud.com/djkaffekrus