The Most Censored Woman in America

Laura Loomer

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Trent Lapinski interviews investigative journalist Laura Loomer about being censored from all major social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Uber, Lyft, and PayPal. In this episode we discuss censorship, big tech, hate speech, and politics.

Trigger warning: We discuss reality, and what is actually happening with censorship in the tech industry. You’ve been warned!


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Automated Transcript

Laura Loomer: 00:00 Nothing I’ve ever done shows up. I’ve done a lot of really important work and uh, you know, I’m not a hateful person. I’m against Anti Semitism. I, I do a lot of work to combat antisemitism. I do a lot of work traits, supposed corruption on both sides of the aisle and it’s unfortunate that these companies have worked to suppressed me so much because everything that shows up under my name on Google, it’s just a hit piece. Everything, it’s just false information and um, these people will go to any lengths to smear me and make it so that no one can really know who I truly am.

Trent: 00:39 Welcome to I’m your host Trent Lapinski and you might remember me from another tech podcast, but I am no longer with them and I am now doing my own thing. So please make sure to follow You can also follow me personally at Trent Lipinski on Twitter and please stay tuned. We’re going to have some amazing new guests and interviews coming up soon. But in this episode we’re going to talk to Laura Loomer. She’s one of the most censored women in America. She’s a journalist and an activist. And previous to recording this episode, she had not yet been banned for this book, but since we recorded this and I’ve been having trouble getting this upset release, I, she’s no longer allowed on Facebook or Instagram. So this is an amazing interview. We talked about her being banned from Twitter, Uber, Lyft, paypal, and all these major social platforms before she was even banned from Facebook. And now it really puts this interview into more contacts now that she’s been banned for Facebook and Instagram as well. So please stay tuned. This is a fascinating interview and trigger morning if you’re politically on the left, we do deal with reality and talk about censorship. So if that offends you, I guess stop listening or whatever, I don’t care. Um, so if you’re a person who wants to know what’s actually happening here from Laura Loomer herself, this is a great episode. So please stay tuned.

Trent: 02:10 welcome to the podcast. I’m here with Laura Loomer and Laura Tulsa bit about who you are and what you’re working on.

Laura Loomer: 02:16 Thanks for having me. Well, my name is Laura Loomer. I’m a conservative investigative journalists and I’m probably the most censored woman in America. I’ve been banned from nearly every single platform and continue to be silenced and band, uh, by a tech tyrants in Silicon Valley who wished you suppress my voice and silence me simply because I’m conservative and they’ve deemed that what I do and what I say is hateful.

Trent: 02:43 Yeah. And I’m probably going to get a lot of shit for uh, having you on the show cause you know, they use the term, no, you’re giving her a for him. But at the same time when I Google you, I, you know, I’ve got a lot of experience as a journalist, as a writer myself. Like I know fake news when I see it and I can’t figure out what the hell is true or not. So I wanted to have you on the show, talk to you as a human being and figure out like what the hell the actual story is because I like your way to Pv a page is like crazy to me. Like, I, I haven’t seen a smear page like this in a while. So did you piss off to, uh, to, you know, have all these smear articles written about you? Like what is the backstory here? Why are you one of the most censored women in America? And why are you, uh, you know, dealing with all this sentence yet from the tech industry?

Laura Loomer: 03:35 Well, you’re right, my Wikipedia page is full of smears and unfortunately they’ve locked it so I’m not able to edit it. And then even though they lock it, they allow for a left wingers from far left publications like daily beast and SPLC and the council on American Islamic Relations, which is actually designated Islamic terrorist organization to edit the page and smear me and lie about me and accuse me of things like being a Neo Nazi. They call me a member of the alt right. Even though I’m a Zionist, I’m Jewish. I mean, you can’t be a member of the alt right of your Zionists, right. So nobody ever stops to think and say to themselves, wow, wow. Laura Loomer is actually a really big advocate for Israel. Laura Loomer was the person who exposed Linda Sarsour and all of the Jew hatred and the women’s March. It doesn’t really seem like she’s the type to go wave a white pride flag or a Neo Nazi flag at the unite the right rally.

Laura Loomer: 04:27 Right? I mean, they don’t, you don’t look at the facts and look at my actual statements and said they just use and abuse their power by having access to tech companies and tech CEOs and having the same political ideology as these people who operate silicon valley and they use it to smear me on DDI platform. Me simply because I’m exposing the truth. And uh, one of the things that people say about me is that they accused me of being an Islamophobe. Right? They say that I’m anti Muslim, but I challenge anybody who thinks that I’m anti Muslim or hateful to show me anything I’ve ever said about Muslims. That isn’t true. Anything I’ve ever said about Islam that isn’t factually true. Most of the time people get so triggered because I pull direct versus out of the Quran and I’m just very effective and exposing people.

Laura Loomer: 05:16 Right? Because of my own style of investigative journalism, which people have come to know and as come to know is that getting glimmered limmering people. And so I’m, I’m known for confronting people kind of in their face and getting in their face with my camera and calling them out. I actually confronted Jack Dorsey while he was testifying to Congress back in September because Dorsey is a liar, right? Here’s this. This is a guy who had the audacity to sit in front of members of Congress and waste taxpayer dollars and he committed perjury. He sat there, lied to members of Congress and said that he doesn’t censor and shadow banned conservatives. But then when you look at the project Meritus tapes in the project Veritas Expos Day that was released last year, you have twitters, senior engineers and employees admitting that they shadow ban and they use algorithms to identify people who are pro Trump, people who believe in God, people who have American flag emojis, people who are pro second amendment and they silence them, right? And so he lied to Congress and even him, Jack Dorsey himself has admitted that Twitter has a left leaning bias. Okay. And that they haven’t been good and implementing their policies fairly. All right. You had admitted

Trent: 06:28 a lot of this on the Joe Rogan podcast, both in the first episode with Joe Rogan in the second one with Tim Pool. And Tim Pool brought a lot of these facts up and it was, Jack had no argument. Um, it was, it was an interesting, very interesting episode watch, uh, cause we got to see a journalist actually questioned Jack Dorsey. And his statements were very different than what he said during his testimony in front of Congress.

Laura Loomer: 06:53 Right. And any other regular person who didn’t have the luxury of having billions of dollars like Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg would go to jail for committing perjury for lying to Congress. And so why does Jack Dorsey get an excuse or why does he get a pass for lying to the American people and saying they don’t ban in silence people when they do, I mean, the very next day he banned Alex Jones from his platform. And, and said that, you know, it’s so toxic to have Alex Jones on Twitter and to give a voice to hate. Well, I want to know, Jack Dorsey is so concerned about hate speech and is so concerned about violence and what he calls conversational health on his platform. Why is it that he allows for people to call for the assassination of president Trump? Did you know that’s a felony calling for the assassination of a president? That’s a felony.

Laura Loomer: 07:36 You can go to jail. Why does he allow for designated Islamic terrorist organizations like Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood to have Twitter accounts? Did you know that in November of 2017, Jack Dorsey, a unverified me on Twitter and he and verified me in the same group is people like Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler when I have nothing to do with it. And the Twitter story of the day, we know how they have their little news. Uh, logos at the top falsely accused me of being a white supremacist. And so I was flooded with, uh, with death threats from people accusing me of being a Nazi and a white supremacist. Even though I’m Jewish, every single news article now refers to me as a neo Nazi or a white supremacist. It’s cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars. I can never get a job doing anything. And you know, the regular workforce outside of politics or activism because people Google me and everything’s been uh, you know, reported that I’m a Neo Nazi, cause Twitter on verified neo Nazis and white supremacists and nothing I’ve ever done would suggest that I support white supremacy or a Nazi. Uh, you know, Nazi, the Nazi ideology

Trent: 08:45 journalist. I mean I first started following you and you were covering the Las Vegas shooting because you were the only journalist who was asking real questions. You had press, you were going to the police briefings. You are asking the deputies in the detective’s like real questions. You were the only one in the room asking real questions.

Laura Loomer: 09:04 Why force them to change their timeline? If you recall, the FBI was lying to the American people and they said that Stephen Paddock carrot, well he checked in on the 28th and I obtained groomer seats and I was able to prove that he checked in on the 25th. And because I was affective and exposing the FBI and the Lvm PT, I was banned from the press conferences even though they were forced to admit I was correct. And so I’ve broken more stories than most journalists will ever break in their entire lifetime. I worked for project Veritas, I was undercover in the Hillary Clinton campaign for two years exposing voter fraud. And I have accomplished a lot of things. You know, president Trump was tweeting my videos and talking about my, uh, my expos, A’s at project bear tasks when he was in the debates between Hillary Clinton. So for Jack Dorsey to on verify me while allowing for no name bloggers and no name activists on the left, you have 500 Twitter followers.

Laura Loomer: 09:57 When I had 265,000 followers to be verified. I mean, clearly that’s bias, right? And even then he said he wasn’t going to verify anybody anymore after he took away verifications on, um, in November of 2017 is still be another fining people. I’m like a left wing person comes up on the scene, they verify him. They verified the guy who threw an egg at Frazier anting that Australian, a senator who made truthful but controversial remarks following the Christchurch, a mock shooting. So clearly, clearly Jack Dorsey is a liar. Clearly Twitter does not uphold their own rules and their own statements. And that’s why last week I filed the lawsuit against Twitter and the Council on American Islamic relations because following my permanent banned from Twitter in November of this last year, 2018 the day before thanksgiving. Of course, that just shows you how nice Jack Dorsey is, right? He had to, you had to go out of his way to ruin my thanksgiving with my family and Bam me on Thanksgiving, simply because I called Ilhan Omar Anti-jewish something that both the left and the right agree on your Nancy Polosi stated, even Nancy Polozi, right?

Laura Loomer: 11:07 So, um, he banh mi and their excuse was that I committed hate speech because I said that, isn’t it ironic how the Twitter moments of the day is a picture of Ilhan Omar? Um, you know, as their representation of minority rights when Johanns Anti-jewish, uh, Jewish people are more of a minority than Muslims, right? When you look at it, there’s 15 million Jews worldwide in the world. Okay? We’re not talking about here in the United States, there’s 15 million Jews left in the world and there’s 2 billion Muslims. So as far as I’m concerned, that makes me a minority, not Johana Omar. And so I was talking about how under Sharia law, which Ilhan Omar supports homosexuals are killed and women are abused. Something that’s both true. Because if I recall just a few weeks ago, I saw the leftists Twitter freaking out about how in Brunei, where they just implemented Sharia while they’ve had sharia law there killing and stoning gay people. Okay. So everything that I’ve said is completely factually correct. And I never even used the word Islam. I didn’t even use the word Muslim. I was banned for hate speech. But then Twitter went out of their way to release the statements when Louis Farrakhan called Jews Termites and said that it’s okay for Louis Farrakhan to dehumanize Jewish people and call them termites and call for their eradication because it’s not a violation of our terms of service.

Trent: 12:26 So the other thing is the group that actually lobbied to get you banned, um, I forget their name. What is it again?

Laura Loomer: 12:33 Council on American Islamic Relations. So this is what I started. Yeah.

Trent: 12:35 Well they actually, they actually publicly admitted this in the Washington Post.

Laura Loomer: 12:40 No, no, no. They admitted to the Wall Street Journal. So the Wall Street say about how I’m Twitter executives and Jack Dorsey and his minions at Twitter, we’re meeting with a far left, uh, organizations in order to ban and silence conservatives and to determine what was hate speech and what wasn’t. So they’re actually working with hate groups and terrorist organizations to get guidance on who they should ban. And obviously this is totally one sided and partisan because the SPLC has lost all credibility. I mean the SPLC claims to be a hate watch organization, but their founder was just forced to resign for, uh, for being racist himself and allegedly sexually abusing his stepdaughter where the sex toys. So I don’t understand why Dorsey thinks that those people should be giving advice as to who is and isn’t allowed on social media. Okay. Um, that’s why they just dropped the SPLC as a, a safety trust partner, I assume.

Laura Loomer: 13:38 Right. Um, but then they, they took meetings with members of the Council on American Islamic Relations, which is a designated Islamic terrorist organization. And this doesn’t really seem to be something that bothers Jack Dorsey because he allows for members of terrorist organizations to use his platform. And you have to understand how much of a safety threat this has been to my own life and how serious this has impacted me. On a personal level. The people in Silicon Valley who are Marxists in their political leanings have decided that I, as a conservative Jewish woman who was pro Trump pro second amendment, anti, uh, uh, illegal immigration, Anti Islamic terror pro Israel, they have decided that those views are more dangerous to conversational health and more of a threat to the intranet and people online. Then somebody like Louis Farrakhan who called for, uh, the eradication of Jews and said that Hitler was a great man, uh, more than [inaudible] the former Iranian leader who hangs gay people more of a threat than Linda Sarsour, who has called for jihad against Trump, more of a threat than Hamas, a designated Islamic terrorist organization that has in its mission statement, it’s goal to kill Jews and eradicate Israel more than the Muslim Brotherhood, which has a verified check mark on Twitter and as an Islamic terrorist organization more than, uh, you know, the list goes on and on.

Laura Loomer: 15:10 Suraj Rahaj and a coconspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. I mean, I could go on and on and on and give you examples of who is more hateful and more of a threat to national security and people’s everyday life, let alone conversational health. But Twitter has created this false narrative that I am more of a villain than these people. Do you know what that does when you have psychotic individuals and mentally deranged people on the Internet who think that they have a duty to take people like me out there are people walking around that thinks that I’m honestly more of a threat than dictators in Islamic nations who are killing gay people or members of actual terrorist organizations. Simply because I’m a conservative. I mean, not only has Jack Dorsey d platforms me and caused me to lose 90% of my income because I’m a journalist and I report the facts may be in a very aggressive way that some people may or may not agree with what he’s endangered my life. Okay. And Jack Dorsey gets to enjoy the pleasure of having a multimillion dollar security detail to protect him when he gets death. Threats from organizations like Isis who threatened to kill him once, but then I don’t get the same pleasure. I mean I have a hard time, you know, coming up with money to even pay my bills because as a journalist I was making most of my money by having my Twitter account and then paypal, Bam, me too. And paypal didn’t even give me a reason for why they banned me. They said that

Trent: 16:33 Dan for medium as well. What was that about? Because you are one of the first people to get banned from medium and you were kind of the canary in the coal mine.

Laura Loomer: 16:40 Right? So, so paypal said that Laura Loomer, his values aren’t our values, which is essentially like saying we are leftists and Laura Loomer is a Trump supporter, so we’re going to ban her. Yeah. I didn’t even violate their terms of service. But meanwhile care, which I said is a terrorist organization who I’m suing along with Twitter, they’re allowed to use paypal. So terrorists are allowed to use paypal. Okay. But I’m not allowed to because I support president Trump. I mean, it’s just insanity. What these people in Silicon Valley,

Trent: 17:09 I mean it’s just to me like we, you know, there’s that meme right now going around that we live in clown world. I mean this seems like a comm role type situation to me. Where like you, yeah. You literally haven’t, you know, you’ve literally have terrorist organizations using these social media platforms, but you’re being banned for suppose hate speech. What is hate speech to you? What does that mean?

Laura Loomer: 17:30 There’s no such thing as hate speech. First of all, like we live in America, Twitter is an American company and if they want to start sending out notices to people that they’re in violation of Pakistani law, which is what they’re actually doing, Twitter is now sending notices to people who post facts about Islam, saying, uh, you are in violation of Pakistani Sharia law and we advise you to seek counsel. Well then maybe Jack Dorsey audit, you know, move and pack a Twitter, get out of San Francisco and go reincorporate his business in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan or Iran. Okay. Cause I don’t think it’s fair for him to be subjecting Americans to Sharia Islamic blasphemy laws. Okay. And punishing people for using their First Amendment right. Okay. As far as I’m concerned, as long as you’re not inciting violence against somebody and you’re not engaging in pedophilia or promoting terrorism, you should be allowed to use social media. And there’s no reason why people like myself are d platformed in band when actual terrorist organizations recognized as such by the United States Department of State. Okay. Twitter is a, an American company. Jack Dorsey is an American citizen. He abides by U s law. Okay. And he is going against United States law by giving access to a terrorist organization. But then all my God, you know, like, let’s Ban Laura Loomer because she’s more of a threat than the people who are kidnapping Israelis and killing them and committing suicide bombings and Gaza. Okay.

Trent: 18:58 And you’ve also had been banned from Uber and Lyft and I, one of the tweets that routinely comes up when you search your name is you said you don’t want to ride in a Uber or Lyft, uh, with a Muslim driver.

Laura Loomer: 19:12 I don’t want to because Uber and I don’t think that that’s hateful to say. Okay. There’s a double standard. I see articles all the time written by these, you know, deranged feminists in silicon valley who say things like, oh, well I don’t want to ride in an Uber with white men because of toxic masculinity and white people are evil. So how is that any different than, you know, me saying, I mean, that’s first of all, Islam isn’t even a race, right? So what we need to, what we need to establish here is that all of the justifications that these people are giving or banning me are completely, uh, are completely false because Islam is a political ideology. Okay? You cannot call me a racist and say that Laura Loomer is a white supremacist and a racist because of what she said about Islam or Muslims when Muslim and Islam is not a race.

Laura Loomer: 19:58 But then meanwhile, it’s totally acceptable with these, by these people, Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg, to allow for women to demonize an entire race of people, white people, and also say that white men should not be allowed to drive for Uber because of toxic masculinity. I mean, as far as I’m concerned, that’s a more dangerous comment than me pointing out the fact that Uber doesn’t conduct proper background checks on their employees and making a factual observation that Uber has a lot of Muslim drivers. And making another factual comment that the guy who killed eight people in New York City on how a wean in 2017 was a Muslim, was in Islamic immigrants, was an Uber driver and didn’t have a valid license. And he also happened to be an isis terrorist and he killed eight people. And so I think that Uber instead of abandoned me, they should have realized, wow, we have a problem when isis terrorists are allowed to, uh, be drivers for us.

Laura Loomer: 20:59 Okay. And they don’t even have valid driver’s licenses. Maybe we ought to do more secure background checks because eight people are now dead because of us. But then when you look at the breakdown of Silicon Valley and you look at who the biggest financial, uh, like the shareholders are and the stock, the stock holders and, and uh, and the, the CEOs, well, Uber has an Iranian Muslim CEO. Okay. So instead of addressing this issue, which he should have done. Okay. He decided to Bam me and it was a big story and then I got banned from Lyft too. I wasn’t even in an Uber or a Lyft when I tweeted what I tweeted. Okay, I was there. I saw the dead bodies on the ground, but nobody wanted to talk about that. Nobody wants to talk about the fact that eight people are now dead because Uber being so selfish

Trent: 21:46 for context. You tweeted that after that happened around the same time

Laura Loomer: 21:51 you did that the day that it happened. So it’s not like

Trent: 21:54 not actual terrorist attack happened.

Laura Loomer: 21:57 Not I was there, I was there.

Trent: 22:00 That’s, that’s some context because you know that was one of the things that was brought up when you know I, when you agreed to come on the show is, oh, she tweeted this and I was like, I don’t know what the context is so I can’t

Laura Loomer: 22:11 tell him I’ll take it speech or not ever talks about the context of what I said. Okay. Like they just want to forget that isis terrorists who happens to drive for Uber, who’s name literally translates from Arabic into sward of our law, right? Like maybe the CEO of Uber shouldn’t be hiring people whose names literally means word of Allah. The pointer. It’s, it’s just agregious to me how far we’ve come as a society. We’re journalists and and CEOs are willing to ruin someone’s life and leave out a huge piece of context, which is the fact that that an isis terrorist was driving for Uber and killed eight people. I didn’t just go on Twitter and tweet, oh, I don’t want to ride with Muslim drivers. No, there’s a reason why I said what I said, and this is even the first time it’s happened. Uber has hired multiple isis terrorists and multiple Muslim men who have committed rape. One of their Muslim drivers actually murdered a woman by the name of Rebecca dykes. And then when he was asked why he murdered her, he said, well, because she wasn’t a Muslim and her skirt was too short, so he raped her and killed her. Did Uber ever release a statement apologizing for this? No, they didn’t. So, you know, it’s, it’s a problem.

Trent: 23:22 Both have problems just with sexual assault in general. Um, it’s a major problem on these platforms that, you know, neither, neither company has really seemed to take responsibility for at all. Um, so gosh, I mean we’ve covered a lot of ground here. You know, typically I’m interviewing tech professionals, so you’re, you’re one of the first times that I’m having a journalist on who’s, you know, not a tech professional on the show, but I wanted to get you on so that, you know, people in Silicon Valley could hear what it’s like to be the platform because I don’t think they understand that, you know, we have this public square now that is where conversations are taking place. This is how our society functions now, where, you know, going on Twitter, going on these social media platforms, that’s how we interact. Like I recently just got engaged. Like, I mean, the amount of reaction, like that’s how we let most of our family and friends know that’s how the world works now.

Trent: 24:18 Um, you know, it’s not like I’m going to call a hundred people. So these days you go on social media, you get messages out and that’s, that’s what you do. And as a journalist, it’s so difficult when you know you’re being, I mean, I, I suspect even some of my accounts have been shadow banned because the number of people I used to be able to reach just a couple of years ago versus the number of people I can reach today. Like, and I’ve got more followers today than I had back then has decreased. So there’s a there. And then in your case, you’ve been just outright banned. So like what, what the hell is going on here? Like why, what is, why is the tech industry targeting American citizens and taking away their right to free speech?

Laura Loomer: 25:02 Well, I really believe that it has a lot to do with the fact that they are so heavily influenced by a Muslim money. And it’s not a conspiracy theory. When you look at Twitter, for example, one of the largest shareholders is Prince Alwaleed bin Talal who is arguably one of the biggest sponsors of global terrorism. I mean, why does this guy who is funding global while he does terrorism around the world and was recently, uh, locked away for corruption charges in Saudi Arabia, why is he owning more Twitter stock than Jack Dorsey himself? And then it kind of starts to make sense, right? While you’re not even allowed to say the word Muslim, you’re not even allowed to say that something was an active Islamic terrorism without getting banned. You’re not allowed to criticize Muslim politicians who have direct ties to terrorist organizations or make anti-Jewish and anti American antichristian comments.

Laura Loomer: 25:51 Right. Uh, it really starts to make sense when you look at it. They are taking meetings with the Adl, taking meetings with SPLC, the council on American Islamic Relations groups that have an explicit anti Trump anti-conservative bias. So that’s why. Okay, and it’s not, it’s not as surprised. I mean, there’ve been recordings released from, from Google meetings where you know, you have employees crying and talking about how they need to work behind the scenes to make sure that Trump can’t win a second term. Well, you know, maybe that’s why all of my emails are going to my junk folder or the spam folder. And then they’d try to make these justifications like, oh, Laura Loomer is a white supremacist, Neo Nazi, and she supports president Trump’s. So let’s prevent her from making an income. You know what if the tables were turned, I would love to ask the people in Silicon Valley how they would feel if, if, if the people who were in charge were conservative. Okay. And how would you feel if the conservatives were like,

Laura Loomer: 26:52 you know what, I really just don’t like the fact that these people like Hillary Clinton. I don’t like the fact that these people voted for Obama. I don’t like the fact that these people are who they are. So we’re just going to ban them and we’re going to prevent them from making an income. And whenever they say something we don’t like, we’re just going to silence them and we’re going to keep banning them. And we’re going to, we’re going to shadow ban them, we’re going to delete their tweets, we’re going to put them in Facebook jail for 30 days and we’re just going to keep doing this. And then then we’re going to have meetings with thanking executives and we’re going to tell them that we don’t want liberals to be able to pay their bills or be able to feed their children. And we’re just going to be very, very secretive about it.

Laura Loomer: 27:30 And we’re not going to tell anyone because we don’t want to get in trouble, but we’re gonna just, you know, every so often fan a prominent conservative so they can’t get paid on paypal. And, and then we’re going to tell chase bank to do the same thing. I mean, we’re at a point right now where actual banking institutions are banning people because of their politics. And so for all of these self righteous leftists in Silicon Valley who thinks that I’m an evil person or that I shouldn’t have a right to make a living in America, or I shouldn’t have a right to voice my opinion. You know, imagine, imagine if the tables were turned, imagine if the tables were returned.

Trent: 28:05 I mean, if the tables were turned, I don’t know what this is. I mean, even I’ve been targeted, I’ve had some death threats. I’ve had some crazy stuff because of my writings on medium and some of these other publications. And I, I mean, I, I personally, I’m a little more on the left on, I’m going to be honest with you. Like, I know what’s happening in the tech industry and I know what’s coming with automation and I know how many jobs it’s going to destroy. So it’s pushed me a little bit more towards the left in some ways because it’s like, I don’t know what the solutions are moving forward because I’m concerned that capitalism as we know it today is possibly dead because of artificial intelligence. Once a lot of these AI systems, the AI systems that have been shadow banning us, identifying as tagging us.

Trent: 28:53 I mean a lot of this stuff that, I mean even Donald Trump used Cambridge Analytica and social profiles and this is happening on both sides of the political spectrum. We’re now at a point where the technology is and the access to that technology is dictating who is in power and that is unfortunately eroding the ability of free markets to be able to have capitalism. So what do you do when you’ve got the tech industry who’s got all this power, all the computing power, they’ve got artificial intelligence to be able to do all of these things and nobody else has that. That’s how you get companies like Amazon. That’s how you get monopolies like Google. Um, you know, that’s how you start to get into these situations is because now no one can compete. Startups can’t compete. Even other fortune 100 companies are struggling to. So there is a, there is a valid concern and I don’t know what the solution is because automation is a real threat to capitalism and our way of life in America at the same time, you know, this is an American country that was built on civil liberties and you know, liberty on the other hand, part of me is also a libertarian because, and my, my use, I’m on kind of like torn between the two and I usually end up somewhere in the center personally because that’s normal and you get slammed as a far extreme, you know?

Trent: 30:17 Right. Conservative and I have to remind people that like 50% of the country agrees with you and voted for the same person you voted for and he won the election like this. That’s half of America.

Laura Loomer: 30:32 Alright. Whose name? Like people on the left are so anti Trump. I don’t understand why they’re so determined to silence him and his, um, supporters. I mean, you know, these people in Silicon Valley and on the left, like they don’t want to hire white men anymore. Right? I mean, that’s the newest thing is like, no white men are allowed to work in silicon valley,

Trent: 30:53 Asian men as well.

Laura Loomer: 30:54 Why did he bad? All right. We’re only allowed to hire trans people and, and, and no Asians allowed because they’re too smart and no white people. Just black people and Hispanic people and lots and lots and lots of Muslims. Okay. And you know, preferably acs. We don’t want anybody who believes in God. I mean, like, it’s just so bizarre the way that they’re trying to force diversity onto people because they accused people like me, okayed speech, but their actions are actually hateful by trying to demonize people like, like you a white male by trying to tell people that they can’t have a job doing what they’re passionate about simply because of the color of their skin. And it’s absolute insanity. And Donald Trump as a president has made it. He’s under his presidency. Black unemployment is the lowest it’s ever been. Latino unemployment is the lowest it’s ever been.

Laura Loomer: 31:44 Um, you know, I see this whole thing, you know, women in tech get so triggered when people tell them how to learn. How to code. And now, now there’s this whole movement to push, uh, push man out of Silicon Valley and give women jobs even if they’re not really deserving or not as I’m not as, uh, as, as, as accomplished as, as a male counterpart who applies for the same job. Right. Um, but even jobs under Trump’s administration for women have had sword, a female unemployment is the lowest it’s ever been. So what are these people complaining about? I don’t understand what they’re so unhappy about.

Trent: 32:19 It just comes down to ideology. And ultimately, I mean, we talked about this a little bit before we are recording. I’m a local, I was born and raised in the bay area and you know, what’s happened to San Francisco and the city that I was born in it, it’s been destroyed by globalist politics. It’s been destroyed by, you know, a lot of these left leaning policies that have literally, you know, our streets are covered in shit and needles. I mean, it’s literally to that point now I’m to the point where even I’m considering leaving, you know, and you know, this has been my home my entire life. Um, so it’s really, it’s really difficult because the actions of what people are saying at versus what people are actually doing, they’re not matching up. So anyhow, I’ve got to ask, what is some time in your life that you’ve had to hack something?

Laura Loomer: 33:11 Well, I had to hack the Internet when I was banned from Twitter. And so when I handcuffed myself to the Twitter headquarter office in New York City and I was able to trend number one on Twitter worldwide above president Trump and Putin, uh, I feel like I hacked the Internet in real life and it proved to these tyrants in Silicon Valley that my ideas are actually mainstream ideas. My ideas are powerful and no matter what you do to silence me and no matter what you do to censor me, I’m always going to find a way to make my voice heard. And so, you know, for Jack Dorsey, who, you know, he, he, he, he did an interview actually with the Rolling Stone magazine. And it was funny because they asked him, um, you know, oh, what did you think about Laura Loomer handcuffing yourself to Twitter? And he goes, oh, well I actually really respect Laura because she speaks truth to power and it’s just so punk rock what she did. And you know, you have to ask yourself like, if that’s really the case will then why won’t you sit down with me and have a meeting with me? Why won’t you talk to me about censorship? Why won’t you have a talk with me about, uh, you know, why I was band? Why won’t you give me a reason? And so, you know, look, it’s just, I, I hate that it has to get legal, but it has to get legal and that’s why I filed the lawsuit against Twitter and care.

Trent: 34:29 Do you have any final thoughts before we wrap up?

Laura Loomer: 34:31 No. I mean, I just want to thank you for having me on. And, um, you know, I appreciate you giving me a voice and allowing me to use my voice and, um, you know, I appreciate it. Most people have just labeled me and they won’t allow me to, um, have a platform. So thank you.

Trent: 34:47 Well, when there’s situations like the situation you’re in right now, it’s like the only person that can provide your side of the stories you, so I had to talk to you to find out like what, what is your side of the story? Because I, I can Google as much as I want, but I know how bias Google is and I know how biased the media has become and it’s just like we live in this column world, uh, where, you know, there’s just so much misinformation and there’s so many things. I think a lot of people who are going to listen to this are going to be rather confused, uh, when they actually hear from your perspective what’s been actually been going on because it’s so opposite to what’s available when you search for your name.

Laura Loomer: 35:31 Right? Yeah, no it is. So, and nothing I’ve ever done shows up. I’ve done a lot of really important work and uh, you know, I’m not a hateful person. I’m against antisemitism. I S I do a lot of work to combat antisemitism. I do a lot of work to expose corruption on both sides of the aisle. And it’s unfortunate that these companies have work to suppress me so much because everything that shows up under my name on Google, it’s just a hit piece. Everything, it’s just false information. And um, these people will go to any lengths to smear me and make it so that no one can really know who I truly am. And it’s, it’s also really funny because people who like yourself, right, who may not be completely politically aligned with me, have reached out and they always tell me that they actually really liked me and they actually agree with me a lot of the time because I’m not a hateful person.

Laura Loomer: 36:19 I’m not a neo Nazi. I’m not a white supremacist. And if people actually just got it, spend some time getting to know me and having a conversation with me like you did, they would realize, wow, like her opinions actually make a lot of sense. And I actually agree with a lot of what she says. I’m not even far right. It’s the funniest thing. I’m actually socially fairly libertarian and so, um, I don’t, I don’t have a problem with gay people. Okay. I have a gay brother. I don’t have a problem with a transgender people. I’m not a racist. Okay. I’m just very critical about Islamic immigration because while we have a problem, you know, we have a serious problem. And I think that, uh, after seeing what just happened in Sri Lanka, uh, this past weekend and the media’s reaction, and they’re kind of refusal to call it what it is, and you compare that to their coverage of the Christ’s Church mosque shooting, you see how much of a double standard there is.

Laura Loomer: 37:10 And so that makes me angry and I’m not going to self censor myself and not say things that are truthful, simply because some people find it offensive and I don’t deserve to be silenced and shutdown and prevent it from making a living and doing what I went to school to do. You know, I have a degree in journalism. I was Valedictorian, I had a 4.0 GPA and people like Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg don’t have the right to tell me that I don’t have a right to be a journalist and the digital era simply because I’m a conservative.

Trent: 37:39 Well, this is typically the part of sure. Ask people where they can find you, but you’ve been banned from most of the platforms. I think you’re, you’re only pretty much left on Instagram, is that correct?

Laura Loomer: 37:50 Yeah, I’m on Instagram, but the left last week launched a campaign to try and get me banned there too, for posting facts about Ilhan Omar and Islam. Of course. Uh, but I’m on Instagram. You can follow me. My handles louvered. I also have a website. It’s Laura Loomer. Dot. US and my website is free. so you can go to free and sign my petition to stop social media bias. And that’s also where you can read my complaint. Um, my lawsuit against Twitter and care. And you can see firsthand how Twitter has been meeting with Islamic terrorist organizations to silence Jews and conservatives, something that Jack Dorsey is desperately trying to hide and avoid talking about and something he’ll never talk about because he’s a liar, he’s a coward and she doesn’t really like answering questions. We’ve all seen that. We all watch the Joe Rogan and saw he and his legal counsel dodge questions. These people are not in the business of telling the truth and being honest. Okay, so, um, read it yourself and then you’ll see and then you’ll realize that there is a problem because of your antiterrorism and your pro free speech. Well, this should really concern you. Yeah. Well thank you again for coming on the show. It’s been a pleasure. Thanks for having me on.

Trent: 38:58 Thanks for watching another uncensored episode of tech posts. Dot Io. I’m your host Trent Lapinsky, and don’t forget to subscribe to us on Youtube and hit that little notification bell next to the subscribe button so that you can get notified when we release a new episode. You can also find us on iTunes, Google play, and other social networks, including Twitter and Facebook at tech, post io, and you can find me personally at Trent Lipinski. Once again, I’m Trent Lipinski and this has been another great episode of Tech Posts. Dot Io. We’ll see you soon.